Food Celebrity: Eat with a Talent.

Just a few years ago, we would watch a cooking show in our free channel tv. Once in a while, this chefs who were cooking in that show start travelling around cooking all over the places. Then they start travelling. Then there were Anthony Bourdain.

Yes, he was the first chef turn celebrity that I watched on the television. Just before Malaysia had her own food hunting shows which was called "Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan". Then, everything just explode. Now there were a dew channels dedicated just for this kind of show, plus cooking show. Then, there were hundreds of food celebrity start appearing in our TV.

For me, Anthony Bourdain set the baseline of this travelling and eating show. He is my favourite. His reaction were genuine, his words were honest and sometimes to bold. He critics or praised the food as every other person would do. Reviewing food will not be that great if everything is good and delicious (sponsored would not agree), its about the real taste so that nobody will be disappointed if someone decided to try that food.

Andy Zimmermen was the second person that I would choose to believe in term of reviewing food.

There were a few celebrity that were too suck on their job on becoming a food celebrity. No need to mention which one but those are the one that have no genuine reaction upon tasting the food. Everything was delicious, everything was mmmmm....nodding head in agreement, or just moving their face all around to prove that something is delicious. That reaction is lame.

Those who are good, minus the two master I mentioned above (Mr Bourdain and Zimmerman), will expressed their genuine taste reaction, sometimes it was delicious, sometimes it was..erk.

It is a talent. Those who have that talent were performing well now in many food channel in the TV. I

As for me, my favourite food celebrity would be as I mentioned, Anthony bourdain and Zimmerman. The others include that girl named Sarah Benjamin (she can cook), Chef Malcolm and that female DJ in the radio (forgot her name, their show called Back to the street), Park Soo Jin and the other women in Tasty Road (they really know how to eat), that girl in Delicious Korea (also forgot her name), Janet Hsieh ( I've seen her in Fun Taiwan), there were a few from Japan (can't remember them because there were a lot of people who really know how to eat in Japan).

This few that I mentioned, I love to see them hosting their show.

The most awkward food celebrity ever, even I do not want to mention them, but I will just give a hint, most of them from VICE shows. I do not know why VICE took them as a host in a food show.

They all eat with a talent. They were talented, for sure. Sometimes, I have this thought, that a long time ago, it was impossible to have a career where you were paid to eat.

Everything seem possible today.


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