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Subpoena?Sepina?Sapina? : Experience testifying in court.

If you are a medical officer like me, you will have a chance to be called to testify in court. Especially district MO. As you recalled, there will be a lot of assaulted cases, rape cases and so called OSSC cases. This will definitely give you a higher chances to become a witness in court. Today was my first time summoned by court. I would share my experiences so that other medical officer can at least learn how to attend a court session.  First of all, Subpoena..or they call it Sapina. It was a formal 'invitation' by court. It is compulsory for you to come, this is not like a party invitation or something, this kind of invitation that you will get a penalty if you did not attend. When I first received my Sapina, I was nervous like hell. Only for a while as my almost 2 years old daughter always gave me hedache. Don't have time to get nervous.  After getting the Sapina, first thing I did was, meet my bos to get unrecorded leave and arrange for travelling expenses.

Kedai Tayar Putatan: Looking For Tyre in Putatan.

Are you looking for tyre in Putatan area? Look no more. There were a lot of tyre shop here in Putatan. Along thr road you will see Silverstone, Continental, and many more tyre shop to choose from. However in buying tyre, budget is still important. I do not know about the legality of second hand tyre but if you are running out of money, then why not? I always buy second hand tyre when I was in Labuan. Cheap Japan second hand tyre there. As you all know, Japan laws are very strict on tyre. They cannot use tyre which lost its tread even only 20%. We here, use until there are no more thread on it. Haha. But seriously, change you tyre or get fined by JPJ. So in Putatan, I found this shop which sell second hand and original tyre. Second hand one you can choose the one that still have a fair looking tread. While the original tyres were a lot cheaper than any other places in KK that I've been to. For example, I always change my Persona elegance tyre in Likas that cost me around RM200

Beyond Veggie: A secret recipe.

Today my wife and my second daughter were back from Sarikei, so no more alone dinner for me. The first thing we want to do after my wife arrived was to find something to eat, early dinner. Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe was the last choice for us, but we end up having our dinner there as all other food places in Imago KK were packed full.  We had a bad experience in this place. Once we sit there for tea and order a couple snack and drink cost us RM130+. The most expensive teas we ever had. However since there were no other places, Beyond Veggie it is.  As i mentioned, the price of the food in this place were so expensive. A plate of just deep fried mushroom with kewpie sesame dressing cost RM19.50 without GST. Dont eat here if you expect to find a meal below RM20. I do not know why is it very expensive.  A friend of mine said that, vegetarian or 'health food' cost more than the 'unhealthy' one but I do not see so healthy food here. Vegetarian supposed to

Bridge Of Spies: MBO online ticket first experience.

I am used to watch movies in Golden Screen Cinema. Mainly because their GSC phone application which was convenient for me and all other moviegoers out there. No need to wait in line, just flash your phone and you are good to go.  However today,  I change my style. For the first time, I bought an online ticket from MBO cinema. The process was smooth, easy but there were no bar code given in the end. Only booking numbers which you need to tell at the tcket counter later then they will print the ticket for you. It was basically same like GSC years ago before they introduced their home app.  Luckily, there is a special lane for online ticket purchaser at MBO cinema. So you do not need to line up with other 'offline' moviegoers.  What I like about MBO is, their ticket price is different according to the seat location. For example, the front row will be cheaper than the back one. This is nice as sometimes, when you think about it, you pay the same amount of money in GSC but y

MAS ticket to Labuan OVERPRICED!!!

This is reality. World is turning upside down. I was alone in my home, my daughter is in labuan and I miss her and guess what, Labuan was not that far away from Kota Kinabalu. i should take a plane this weekend and go and visit her. This is where the dilemma start for all Labuanite who work in Kota Kinabalu. It was not far, Labuan was  considered a part of Sabah. Modes of transportation are varies. You can go by road and take a ferry, or just take a ferry directly from Kota Kinabalu, or use airplane.  The most convenience way is to use airplane. 30 minutes flight, available day and night. If you use road, you can only travel at day time as all ferries to Labuan are not operational after 4-5 pm. The last flight to Labuan is at 9-10pm.  So after work on Friday, it would be nice to be on that plane to Labuan.  There are one major problem in that, air tickets are so OVERPRICED. Can you imagine for that 30 minutes flight, you need to pay around RM150 for one way ticket. They

Boring blood drive: Blood Donation campaign As A Filler

I am in blood bank as a compulsory rotation as a pathology medical officer. One of my job is to go mobile. We call it mobile, most people knew it by the name 'Blood Donation Campaign'. Bloods are running low and we need to find blood in our stock or some patient will be in trouble. What can I see through my experience in joining this mobile blood drive is there are not much people that are willing to donate blood. It is sad to get like 5-6 donors each time we went out for mobile. This  team of mobile blood drive usually stay for hours from morning until afternoon waiting for donor. Most of the time they were just sitting around.  Can't blame anyone as not many people are exposed to the reality of blood crisis. Not until their parent, child, or spouse need blood transfusion, then they will be all out to donate blood. For me, that was a little selfish. For example, once there were more than 20 people in our blood center, all willingly want to donate their blood. But t