Bridge Of Spies: MBO online ticket first experience.

I am used to watch movies in Golden Screen Cinema. Mainly because their GSC phone application which was convenient for me and all other moviegoers out there. No need to wait in line, just flash your phone and you are good to go.  However today,  I change my style. For the first time, I bought an online ticket from MBO cinema.

The process was smooth, easy but there were no bar code given in the end. Only booking numbers which you need to tell at the tcket counter later then they will print the ticket for you. It was basically same like GSC years ago before they introduced their home app. Luckily, there is a special lane for online ticket purchaser at MBO cinema. So you do not need to line up with other 'offline' moviegoers. 

What I like about MBO is, their ticket price is different according to the seat location. For example, the front row will be cheaper than the back one. This is nice as sometimes, when you think about it, you pay the same amount of money in GSC but you only get a non comfortable seat and had to look up along the show while other who manage to get a comfortable back row seat also paying the same price as you did. We pay what we get in MBO cinema. 

I watched Bridge of Spies today. I was not disappointed. As expected from Steven Spielberg in potrayal of a true story in a movie. Plus, Tom Hanks was the main actor, I never get disappointed with Tom Hanks performances, yet. 

The acting is superb. Every angle of the movie is polished and shine with a great script and non boring story oine, even though there were not much explosion and gun fightt in it. Nevertheless, I was glued for two and a half hours, watching mostly conversation. 

This movie deserved an oscar or two. Watching this movie, I feel like becoming a lawyer, they look so cool in this movie. 

I am still a doctor, however, after the movie but I feel very satisfied to have watch a great movie like this. I would gave 5 star for this movie. But, people would say I am exaggerating, so i give 4/5 star for it. A must watch movie if you a non fiction kind of person. I recommend....  !


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