Kedai Tayar Putatan: Looking For Tyre in Putatan.

Are you looking for tyre in Putatan area? Look no more. There were a lot of tyre shop here in Putatan. Along thr road you will see Silverstone, Continental, and many more tyre shop to choose from.

However in buying tyre, budget is still important. I do not know about the legality of second hand tyre but if you are running out of money, then why not? I always buy second hand tyre when I was in Labuan. Cheap Japan second hand tyre there. As you all know, Japan laws are very strict on tyre. They cannot use tyre which lost its tread even only 20%. We here, use until there are no more thread on it. Haha. But seriously, change you tyre or get fined by JPJ.

So in Putatan, I found this shop which sell second hand and original tyre. Second hand one you can choose the one that still have a fair looking tread. While the original tyres were a lot cheaper than any other places in KK that I've been to.

For example, I always change my Persona elegance tyre in Likas that cost me around RM200+ for new tyre. While this place only sell the new tyre for my persona at Rm185 per tyre. Still cheaper compare to the one that I previously visit. Even other shop in Putatan try to con me RM230-250 per tyre.

Maybe now, tyre are cheaper, I do not know, but in the era of increase price of anything, a cheaper tyre would somehow make you feel a bit lighter.

I bought a second hand tyre, however, because my tyre tear due to high impact trauma ( I guess), even though the tread still in good condition. So, I do not want to spend RM185 to change it. Bought a second hand one for only RM100. Tread still good.

I highly recommend this tyre shop located just behind Rustica in Putatan. Give it a try. Promoting a shop which still have the courage to satisfy their customer with cheap price is satisfying. They did not pay me for this. Nobody pay me for anything... sigh.

Just behind RUSTICA. Easy to find as RUSTICA is one of the landmark building in Putatan

Changing my car front tyre. This place open even on Sunday.


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