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Subpoena?Sepina?Sapina? : Experience testifying in court.

If you are a medical officer like me, you will have a chance to be called to testify in court. Especially district MO. As you recalled, there will be a lot of assaulted cases, rape cases and so called OSSC cases. This will definitely give you a higher chances to become a witness in court.

Today was my first time summoned by court. I would share my experiences so that other medical officer can at least learn how to attend a court session. 

First of all, Subpoena..or they call it Sapina. It was a formal 'invitation' by court. It is compulsory for you to come, this is not like a party invitation or something, this kind of invitation that you will get a penalty if you did not attend. When I first received my Sapina, I was nervous like hell. Only for a while as my almost 2 years old daughter always gave me hedache. Don't have time to get nervous. 

After getting the Sapina, first thing I did was, meet my bos to get unrecorded leave and arrange for travelling expenses. Yes, we can claimed travelling, no matter you use car or taxi or flight. This is a higher level of invitation, you jeed to attend no matter where you are. 

After settle the unrecorded leave and travelling expemses and lodging claim, them wait for the date, then just come to the court. I've read blog saying that you do not need to come early as those court people will always start late but I still arrived early today.

I waited one hour before the thing started...sigh. 

First find the court where you are supposed to go. There will be a counter where you can ask where you need to go, just ask around. Do not forget to bring along your Sapina. I used that to ask around and finally they ask me to wait at the respective court room door. Wait outside, do not enter. If you see the police or any person in charge of the court room, tell them you were there. Wait...wait..and wait. 

Finally I was called. They will ask you to enter the court from the side straight to the 'box'. I do not know what is that called but its like a box with chair and microphone. They will ask you to say an oath, you will read from a piece of paper. Just read it. Oh, they ask for IC before you enter.. So don't forget your IC also. 

The prosecutor will ask a preliminary question first. A bit of tip, you can actually bring your CV to the court. Include your qualification and all other experiences you have into that CV. By doing this, you will not be asked preliminary question. It saves times. But I do not have mine so the prosecutor need to ask my qualification and such. 

Then he or she asked me about the case. Just answer the question, simple and compact. Basically just tell what you know, don't add extra story. 

You can choose to speak using Bahasa or english. i choosed english as I am more comfortable using that language describing medical stuff. 

After the prosecutor, then the Judge will ask the defendant to ask question. Just answer what you know, do not fall for the tricky questions. 

After that, I am done. They ask me to leave the courtroom, and all my worries gone. I have done my responsibility and i did not mess up anything. Haha. 

So if you were called to the court to testify, don't worry. Just remember that you will have the rest of your extra time unrecorded leave waiting..can bring your family shopping. Haha.  


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