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Stone Cold: The legacy that make Wrestling Relevant again.


Antibiotic Apocalypse: Rebooting the Earth System

I would eagerly like to talk about how nice my trip with my family to the beach today, or talk about how wonderful my morning waking up on a sandy beach with the sound of the wave from the ocean. No, I have to highlight this topic because it seem that we are going to face it real soon.

Antibiotic apocalypse, is what they called it. Since this week was the antibiotic awareness week through out many region in this world, I sense a little bit of responsibility to inform everyone about the 'doomsday' that will start very soon.

As a medical officer myself, having my fair share of experience working in district posting, I have to admit that once in a while we did prescribe antibiotic to those who does not need it.  We were thought in medical school about the usage of antibiotic, about the harm it will cause if you freely prescribe it to anyone, yet we did the same mistake once in a while. Once in a while is dangerous no matter how innocent that statement was. Yes, some patient did. …

Win Cafe @ Financial Park Labuan: Variety of Food, Less in Taste.

So I was back in Labuan last week to celebrate my daughter birthday party along with aqiqah and 'Cukur Jambul" ceremony for my second daughter. This time, I was determined to taste some of the newly open restaurant in Labuan.

After a bit of discussion (basically just randomly picked), we chose Win Cafe which is located at Ground Floor Financial Park. This place previously was occupied by..some shops ( I forgot what shop). Located in front of Aifa Electrical shops.

Environment wise, this place provide a good old rustic but classy looking eating place. Calm, clean, and all the worker looked professional. When you walk in, you feel like you are going into a high class fancy restaurant.

Nevertheless, the restaurant provide affordable and variety of food. Ranging from western to local cuisine. Food prices almost all, are below RM20. The steak was priced based on how many gram of beef do you want. That was cool.

There were buffet lunch promotion where you pay RM12 to eat as much as…

Vaping is safer than smoking: Incomplete story.

Vape is becoming a hot topic today to be discussed. Since its introduction a few years ago, it has been quite a common thing to nowadays, everywhere. The heat of the debate fueled by politics and social media creating a perfect pathway for some to start a fight, and to start a group or community of vaper. Do we have a community of smoker? Or a society of drug addict? Community of vaper are creating a reason to avoid themselves from becoming another therapy group like smoker, drug addict or even alcoholic. They were fighting a battle they should not be in, in the first place.

E-ciggarettes in its introduction era was a promising stop smoking method. With this new method of inhaling nicotine, smokers can avoid from getting more harmful chemicals to cause health problems. It was promising in the beginning. 
Day by day, more research produce what all have expected. Vaping is not ultimately safe. It does contain cancer producing agent. Worse, researcher have not yet found the complete list…