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Master in Pathology (Malaysia): A Guide To Apply.

Well, I got carried away in previous post talking about my experience taking entrance exam for Master in Pathology. You can check it here: Master In Pathology: My Experience Entrance Exam That was not my first attention on trying to write such post. My intention was to share on how to get into that entrance exam in the first place. So here it is. A step by step guide on how to get yourself into the entrance exam.  A Guide to Apply for Master in Pathology (Mpath)  1. Make up your mind. I've seen a few of my friends who apply for this pathway and get confused before it begin. Ask yourself, are you really interested in Pathology? Do you know what pathology is? Do you know what kind of work are you going to do in Pathology.  Most of the time, people thought pathology MO or specialist were all just sitting down drinking coffee and chit chat all day long. No work to do. Think again. The best thing to do is to get yourself into the department itself. Work as a pathology

Master in Pathology (Malaysia): My Experience Entrance Exam

I've told earlier that I wanted to talk about my experience taking entrance exam for Master in Pathology or MPath but talk about my celcom problem instead. - All Google App not working Over Mobile: Celcom Experience. It has been years since I took an exam paper, this time I had to. To continue in master program, we need to sit for an exam organized by KKM along with Universities which were held in University Malaya this year. Living and working in Sabah, going to University Malaya Ticket, accomodation, transportation such as taxi, all need to be accounted for. Unfortunately, this year exam were held a month earlier than scheduled and the information regarding that arrive to us like 2 weeks before that. We were pretty much stressed out because the air ticket prices were all expensive. We have no choices as the everything was on short notice. I hate this kind of situation. We have to go to peninsular twice, the first one for the workshop on how to answer the exam a

All google app not working over mobile: Celcom experience.

I want to talk about my recent experiences on taking entrance exam for Master in Pathology which happen last week, however I rather talk about this before that as this problem really cost me a lot of trouble in this few weeks.  i can't use any of google related app in my phone... From browser, to youtube, google map, even Playstore. All showing connection error or no connection detected. In browser, it always says web age not available.  Initially I thought there were some kind of network problem in my area (Kota kinabalu) but then when I went to Kuala Lumpur for my entrance exam, the problem persist. Calling celcom tech support, they only say that they will reset my data but nothing happen, I still can't surf the web.  Strangely, third party app like facebook, 9gag, Waze..etc, all working perfectly. So it was no network error. Perhaps its my phone, but when I use a Digi simcard from my wife, the problem disappear, while installing my celcom simcard to my wife phone cause her p

Master Pathology Entrance: Taxi? Bus? Car? Sabahan Dilemma..

I am a little busy lately, studying hard to get through the entrance exam to continue study in Master Pathology program. Its a normal thing for all the candidates or whoever that want to pursuit further study to have a Master degree. Sabahan dilemma... I am not a pure Sabahan as I am from Labuan but yes, Labuan are located in Sabah. Maybe its a federal territory but it does not make it nearer to Kuala Lumpur or Putrajaya or something. Thus, geographically, I have to consider myself as a Sabahan. Taking this entrance exam has been a dilemma for such people from Sabah. We have to study hard for the exam, at the same time, we have to plan our leave from work, and the most trouble some thing is, we have to use aeroplane to go to KL just for a few hours of exam. There were no other way to go there from 'oversea' as my friend said, he too had difficulty in arranging money for the ticket at this time of the year (end of year, holiday season, on). I wonder how for

The Rock: The Most famous Wrestler ever.

How do I start with The Rock? Hmm.. perhaps we should start it with Stone Cold Steve Austin. As I mentioned in my last post "Stone Cold: The Legacy That Make Pro Wrestling Relevant" , Stone cold really change the sports entertainment industry, not just pro wrestling. He was everywhere. He was damn famous. However, Stone cold popularity would open a door for another rising star in WWF. Dwayne Johnson, also known as Rocky Maivia or The Rock. I start watching pro wrestling when Stone cold was already on the top of the business, but I clearly remember this one star name The Rock which supposed to be the heel, or the bad guy at that time. However, Steve Austin character was so bad ass, I as a child tend to like this bad guy instead. I love The Rock since the beginning. I don't really understand what they are doing actually during those days as TV time was limited and internet kind of non exist. I don't get it exactly who is the bad guy or the good guy. At that time, ev