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Master in Pathology (Malaysia): My Experience Entrance Exam

I've told earlier that I wanted to talk about my experience taking entrance exam for Master in Pathology or MPath but talk about my celcom problem instead. - All Google App not working Over Mobile: Celcom Experience.

It has been years since I took an exam paper, this time I had to. To continue in master program, we need to sit for an exam organized by KKM along with Universities which were held in University Malaya this year. Living and working in Sabah, going to University Malaya Ticket, accomodation, transportation such as taxi, all need to be accounted for. Unfortunately, this year exam were held a month earlier than scheduled and the information regarding that arrive to us like 2 weeks before that. We were pretty much stressed out because the air ticket prices were all expensive. We have no choices as the everything was on short notice. I hate this kind of situation.

We have to go to peninsular twice, the first one for the workshop on how to answer the exam and to fill our biodata for interview, and the second one for the paper exam and interview. Both were held one week apart from each other. Can you imagine how much money we have to spend on this? In a short notice? At the end of the year, the holiday season?

Nevertheless, we had to, we had no choice.

The Workshop. 

We were there in Putrajaya for the workshop on the 8th of December, took a night flight with 3 of my friends, delayed, arrived at around 1 o'clock in the morning to our Homestay where we share a small apartment with 3 rooms. Its not the best place to stay, basic apartment but I can tell you that I slept like a dead man that night. Manage to sleep for 3 hours before we all woke up and rush to get a taxi from the apartment to Hospital Putrajaya which located just 5 minutes away by car.

Its a one day workshop, I did fell asleep in one of the talk. We answered Mock Exam which were prepared for us during the workshop, I did not pass that exam I think, it demotivate me even further.

Luckily we brought our passport picture along, this is the workshop where they ask you to fill up your biodata and submit your picture. This is also the time where you choose which specialty do you want later for your master program. That is the only reason we participate in this one day workshop, located thousand miles away from our home.

We rushed to the airport after that, manage to wash my face and tidy up myself a bit before realising that our flight were delayed...stuck in KLIA2 for hours. Only manage to reach my house in Putatan at 1 o'clock in the morning. I only had 3 hours sleep the day before that and the next day I need to go to work.

The preparation in illness

I fell sick after I got back from Putrajaya. Too tired, maybe. I suspect that I contracted some kind of virus at the airport or the airplane causing me to have fever, body ache, cough, I lost my voice.

One week before the exam was so painful for me. I had to study, yet at the same time I feel very weak and can't concentrate with the flu symptoms. I still need to go to work. Why did I choose to go to work instead of taking leave to study?

The Exam

The exam was on 16th December. We took early flight on the 15th just to make sure we have enough rest when we reach KL. Like before, me and 2 of my friends I would only refer to them as Ms S and Ms K, boarded the airplane and reach KL at around 2 o'clock. Here and there, eat and drink, get a taxi, finally we reach our hotel at around 4pm. Check in, and I told you, I had the best rest since one week before that at that hotel. Fluffy bed, comfortable..I just concentrate on getting some rest, I did not even study that night. I have this feeling that maybe, I am no good for this exam, let just enjoy it as a vacation. That is what exactly run into my mind that night. Early sleep, and woke up earlier in the morning.

The exam was held in UM, we had to wait outside the exam hall for about 1 hour before it started. I have a bad flu symptoms, my ears hurt, I feel dizzy and my stomach hurt like I had a bad food or something the night before. I am not sure whether that was because of my adrenaline or food that I order from the Hotel.

The exam was MCQ 200 true and false questions divided in 2 papers. Thanks to God, I can answer the question smoothly. What ever I read for the last few months and weeks and days before, came out in the paper. With my not-so-excellent health condition, and stomach ache, I manage to go through the exam without problem.

The post exam

After the exam, we had our lunch in Midvalley megamall, some restaurant called Chillies if I am not mistaken. Had a very nice dessert, all of us had our foodgasm (the real one). However, one of my friend fell sicker than me. I would mention him as Mr F. He perhaps study too much, did not had enough sleep, he had a very terrible headache and vomiting. Had to sent him to UMMC emergency room. An eventful post exam moment, I think.

Reach hotel at around 5 pm after running here and there in UMMC. I take another nice rest that evening. I was shocked when later my friend told me that the result of the exam were out and I passed. Ms K also passed. Ms S did not, I was concern about her but my attention were more on the day after that. I need to undergo an interview because I pass the exam. I wish I could just go back, I am not feeling that well that night.

The Interview. 

I grab a taxi as early as 7.30 am in the morning the next day to go to UM for the interview...and the interview started at 9 am. Waited for an hour and a half before all the candidates manage to get a seat in a lecture hall (waiting area). There, I waited for another 3 hours before I was called.

The interview, went well I guess, I did not know. What I know, I wanted to go back home because I am not feeling that well. Still manage to hang out with Ms S and Ms K, along with Mr R (another friend from Sabah), and we had starbucks and some Thai food after that.

I know that Ms K and Mr R want to go shopping but I did not feel that well. Just hide it to make sure everyone not be burden by me. I asked to get back early to hotel and then grab another taxi to KL sentral and then use ERL to go to the airport.


I arrived at the airport as early as 5.30 pm while my flight was at 9 pm. I just need to sit back, rest, and recall whatever happen in that 2 days time. I had a very stressful week before that, sick, passed my exam, went well with my interview.... in the end, everything went as planned. Even I did not plan most of my journey. At the airport, I kind of think that whatever I have done to get to that point, I deserve it. Its worth it. I feel weak yet I have this kind of energy that keep me walking, and keep me fighting whatever battle ahead of me.

I reach home at night, around 1 o'clock, again... but I had my very good night sleep beside my wife and my two daughters. It's them that make me what I am. It is for them that I keep on fighting and did not give up the moment I step my foot in KL for the exam.

As I type this post, I kind of realise that maybe, even though I am not well that day, I did not prepare enough for the exam, but I can still went through it, maybe it is really because of my family who supported me so much...

Must be.

Here are the link on guide to entrance exam.


  1. Hi! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!
    I am very very interested to take up the entrance exam in pathology but
    I am now in medical department, not very sure how to go about it...
    Can you please briefly tell me
    how do i apply to sit fr the exam,
    Where to search for the advertisement to sit for the exam (as I always try to Google but cannot find)
    What are the books to use fr each speciality to study

    P/s: I m sorry if my questions are a little weird as i am actually quite a new mo, only eligible to apply HLP etc next year...

    Oh yes...other than applying fr HLP, is there any other way dat I can get into MPath..?
    Is there any external papers I can take in case I can't get into masters...?

    Pleaseeeeeeee email me at

    Will really appreciate your kindness
    Thank you

  2. Hope you have recovered by now! =)

  3. You can search e-hlp in google. There will be a MOH page for that.. There you can apply hlp. But this Page will be only be open around june every year. Its

    Every year you u have to be alert on when this page will be open. It will only be opened for a period of 30 days every year.

    After you apply for HLP, if your application accepted, they will inform you when and where to go for the exam and the interview.

    If you ask for alternative, there are something called MRCPath. Kind of like MRCP. But to take this exam, first its expensive like MRCP and its to difficult to pass. A friend of mine said that only if you are in your 4th year of master in pathology you will have a chance to pass. Or if you were a genius maybe.

    Just go for hlp.

  4. hello there...would u like to share your study material to sit the entrance exam? kindly email me at

  5. Hi.sry to ask you straight like this.but i have a entrance exam in um and my question is is that all clinical scenario or one word questiin tyoe?


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