The Rock: The Most famous Wrestler ever.

How do I start with The Rock? Hmm.. perhaps we should start it with Stone Cold Steve Austin. As I mentioned in my last post "Stone Cold: The Legacy That Make Pro Wrestling Relevant", Stone cold really change the sports entertainment industry, not just pro wrestling. He was everywhere. He was damn famous. However, Stone cold popularity would open a door for another rising star in WWF. Dwayne Johnson, also known as Rocky Maivia or The Rock.

I start watching pro wrestling when Stone cold was already on the top of the business, but I clearly remember this one star name The Rock which supposed to be the heel, or the bad guy at that time. However, Steve Austin character was so bad ass, I as a child tend to like this bad guy instead. I love The Rock since the beginning. I don't really understand what they are doing actually during those days as TV time was limited and internet kind of non exist. I don't get it exactly who is the bad guy or the good guy.

At that time, everything is about Stone Cold, he was coined as the toughest son of a bitch in WWF. He sure was. However, did anyone remember Wrestlemania 15? When The Rock start to get a dispute with Stone Cold weeks before, like throwing Austin's championship belt to the river or something, then they booked for a match in Wrestlemania. I remember how bad ass that match was. Coined as the toughest son of a bitch, it was the first time I saw Stone Cold really struggling to win a match, to pin The Rock. They need like 3 referee, with 2 interruption just to make sure The Rock win the title, and as usual, Stone Cold won that match. As Stone Cold celebrate to become the new WWF champion, after the match was over, people start talking about The Rock.

Stone cold really gave his 100 % to defeat The Rock. I was amazed and started to believe that I choose the right character to follow in wrestling.

The Rock, from the most hated person, become the People's champion a few weeks after that. Plus, when Stone Cold need to rest to get an operation done for his neck injury, The rock solidify his position as the most electrifying person in the industry. He was so famous with the audience. Totally different from Stone Cold, The Rock does give a damn to the audience. The Rock strategy was clearly to win the heart of every audience in his every show. It worked.

When Stone Cold did came back to face The Rock again in Wrestlemania 17, it proved to all the fans that The Rock was the one who does care about the audience while Stone Cold drifted away to become a heel and team up with Mr. McMahon, Stone Cold receive a boo for the first time ( if not for a very long time). Even though The Rock lost to Stone Cold that night, people were still cheering for him. He did not need to win any title anymore, The Rock stand proud and always be a champion in pro wrestling. People's champion.

Years after that, The Rock did beat Stone Cold, rivals with John Cena, beat up John Cena, then lost to John Cena, and so on....just like that, the attitude era ended.

Stone cold started the attitude era, The Rock end it in style. The rock was so big (plus becoming a well known Hollywood star), he did not need to wrestle anymore. Everyone know him no matter they watch wrestling or not. He was actually more famous than Stone Cold Steve Austin, but minus the fame from hollywood, he was on par with Stone Cold.

He has a plus, as he is still going to wrestle (once in a while but we still knew that he will), otherwise Stone Cold completely retired from wrestling.

The Rock ultimately still an icon in pro wrestling and he did not show any sign of stopping soon.

I was fortunate to have follow such a character in pro wrestling. As for now, I did not need to hope The Rock to electrify the WWE arena again, he will. As I am hoping another character to become a replacement for Stone Cold..did not do need to do that with The Rock.

I am just waiting for The rock to say... Finally, The Rock has come back to.....


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