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Doctor in District: Unfortunate or Beneficial?

Recently I attend a seminar on Right and Responsibility of Government Doctors organized by Malaysian Medical Association. (Have you registered with them? Please do if you are a doctor in Malaysia.) There were an issue raised in this seminar. One issue that caught my attention was regarding serving in District and what benefit a doctor will get by doing that? Deep in my heart, I was hoping that somebody would reveal a very motivating answer on that question. I was serving in district for 3 years and I felt that I have done enough and now I am trying to pursuit further study in Master Program in Pathology. Serving in the district, almost everytime, for everyone, will not be our first choice, most of the time we were put there because the community needs. They need a doctor, we were put there, and we were kind of given a promised that we will be benefited a lot when we serve in District. The answer to the questions, is unfortunately..maybe. That is the exact word used to answer it.

Weird Diseases: To Stop Using It.

It is a norm to see a few post in social media telling the audience about a weird diseases their husband, their child, or whoever in their family had. It usually accompanied by a disturbing picture which cause a shocked feeling towards those who were viewing the post. Furthermore, most of these posts will give bank account number for whoever to donate money for them in fighting this weird diseases. It was disturbing, yes.As far as I know, no medical practitioner  / doctors will use the term 'Weird disease'  or ' Mystery disease' in their note or documentation. The closest to that term would be 'unknown origin' which commonly given to a patient with fever without knowing what cause it. I have to agree that our knowledge on diseases were still limited and incomplete. Some old professor would say that only 10% of medical knowledge were studied in this world, the rest were up to god and still hidden as a mystery ( even though most scientist does not believe th