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Blood Test Economy

Since government put a drastic measure in saving Malaysia's Economy, budget has been cut across all government sector. It was necessary. I cannot disagree on that measure, no matter how much I like to disagree. In hospital situation, pathology department also affected by this budget cut. As far as I know, everyone are doing their best to survive the economy. What will change when you saw budget cut in ministry of health or specifically hospital? Perhaps would imagine that they will be cut on food expenses for the luxurious food serve on every course in hospital as pictured by the public - we all 'kuat makan' stereotyped- not like them in private sector (actually they do cut our budget on that), or maybe you imagine less computer, less electricity, or less drugs, less quality of management?  No. It's complicated as everything in government hospital need to operate like it should and still maintaining the same quality of service if not improve with less money on h

Dean Ambrose: The Crazy Entertaining Wrestler.

I've been watching a lot of wrestling nowadays. Back to my old self. Wrestling will always be my favourite sport to watch, if it is a sport. It was entertaining for sure. Since attitude era, I feel that most of the wrestler does not seem to entertain people that much, or they are trying hard so it look a little bit awkward. I remember during attitude era, promo flows like water and it seem so smooth, and it will keep your adrenaline rush from the beginning until the end of the show. After attitude... I watched wrestling with a expressionless face...I am not entertained. Lately, there was Roman Reign, appear as an 'underdog' that was push very hard by the company (WWE). I hate him. He does not have this charisma, the charisma to make your adrenal gland secrete adrenaline into your blood. Every match with Roman Reign inside it, seem so dull, blunt, I do not know how to describe it. I just feel like I want him to lose every match. Now, it seem that they are on the road o