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Batman & Superman: A perfect Marriage.

Since this week is the week that many people (or maybe just me) are waiting for, the week when we will have the chance to observed which super hero is more stronger. Batman vs superman is coming out this week Wednesday,  so what are your preparation for this titan like battle? As a fan of both superhero, I have to admit that I started to love Superman more than Batman. As you all know, Batman show in the early years appear to be so childish and it does not really make any sense. Just a comical show I guess. At that time, Superman was much cooler. Christopher Reeves was cool.  I love Christopher Reeve version of superman even if it does look lame when I watched it again today.  Then came the Superman TV shows, Lois & Clark starred Dean Cain. My enthusiasm decrease a bit even though I like this shows. The show was a bit slow and dragging in nature (what do you expect from a TV shows) and it explore more on Clark personal life rather than Superman.  Let us talk about S

Doctor and Whatsapp: Should We Stop Using It?

A few days ago, I read in an online newspaper regarding using Whatsapp in medical field. I have to agree, and to admit, that doctors today can't be seperated from their Smartphone. They are not geek as what you pictured them to be, but it is essential. Communication among doctors have increase since this few years, thanks to Whatsapp, or any social messaging app, now referral can be made instantaneously with picture and many more information that you can't provide by using the classic telephone call. I have heard a few senior consultant or even doctor in administration, or the one handling medicolegal related issue, trying to stop the younger generation from using Whatsapp as a medium clinical communication, however, asking them to stop using it were like asking someone to stop using car or aeroplane to travel. The technology is nowhere to be stop. It has gone viral. Remember how painstakingly we had to refer a case to a specialist describing the wound or x-ray finding, plu