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Batman & Superman: A perfect Marriage.

Since this week is the week that many people (or maybe just me) are waiting for, the week when we will have the chance to observed which super hero is more stronger. Batman vs superman is coming out this week Wednesday,  so what are your preparation for this titan like battle?

As a fan of both superhero, I have to admit that I started to love Superman more than Batman. As you all know, Batman show in the early years appear to be so childish and it does not really make any sense. Just a comical show I guess. At that time, Superman was much cooler. Christopher Reeves was cool. 

I love Christopher Reeve version of superman even if it does look lame when I watched it again today. 

Then came the Superman TV shows, Lois & Clark starred Dean Cain. My enthusiasm decrease a bit even though I like this shows. The show was a bit slow and dragging in nature (what do you expect from a TV shows) and it explore more on Clark personal life rather than Superman. 

Let us talk about Smallville. Many say that this is the show that bring our attention back to Superman. Yes, I have to admit, the show was good but I did not like it much like I love watching Christopher Reeve's Superman. As this show pictured Clark Kent in his early teenage years, he was not superman yet at that time. It was like looking into prequel, before superman became superman. I was hoping for the real superman movie at that time. 

Finally, Superman movie was announced in 2006. Superman Return. I feel like flying when I heard about that movie. The star also resemble Christopher Reeve's...and it was about superman, not Clark Kent. It was a direct sequel to previous superman movie.... It could be the best sueprman movie of all time....but wait. 

It sucks. I hate it and I did not want to talk about it anymore, perhaps just delete it from the history. We do not want our future generation to watch this movie. 

Batman, in the other hand start with Micheal Keaton... some says that version of Batman was the real one and never going to be any more movie to topple that. I have to partially agree. That version of Batman is so dark and pictured more Batman-ish type of movie. In my memory, that was the start of Batman. 

Subsequent movie after that, changing actors every time, until George Clooney ( F@#k that), George Clooney was batman!!! Mind blowing.... Hate it so much. Not that I hate George Clooney, but I hate the fact that they did not manage to bring Batman image like what Micheal Keaton did. I was never into batman...not until Christopher Nolan start to reboot the whole thing. 

When they announced Christian Bale as the new Batman, I was skeptic. No, no, no. This must be sucks, but don't fell for that. In the end, Nolan's trilogy of Batman has become one of the best trilogy of batman ever. Thanks God, or perhaps Thanks Nolan for saving Batman. 

With The Dark Knight Trilogy ( The first movie was called Batman Begins though!), Batman has gain reputation to be another badass superhero hollywood. I do not want to say much, not until I watch Batman Vs Superman, I will still feel that The Dark Knight is the best. 

On the other hand, Superman has been forgotten since Superman Returns. Again, Nolan was there to save the day. Produced by Christopher Nolan and directed by Zack Snyder ( his work on SuckerPunch which I admire so much), Superman was rebooted. Like Batman which is now more commonly known as The Dark Knight, Superman is not rebranded and called Man of Steel. Typical. 

The movie was good enough and watchable. Not the best superman movie but better than before. Now they try to move on and forget on finding Christopher Reeve's kind of Superman, it was totally a new Superman. 

When they announced the sequel for Man of Steel... shockingly, both Batman and Superman was put in one movie. The gap now has been narrowed. The two superhero no longer walk in their own way, not they walk cross each other. 

I was a bit skeptic (again) on Ben Affleck as the new Bruce Wayne, but when I remember how I hate Christian Bale as a batman but end up loving him so much as Batman, let us give Ben Affleck a chance. With good direction and storyline, this could be better than The Dark Knight or Man Of Steel. 

Prepare your mind...Let's watched Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice this week. Would it sent us flying? 


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