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The Importance Of Signature

No matter what job are you doing, a signature can be always be a dangerous thing to write on a paper. Especially if you have a certain amount of power to or rank that can approved something with your signature. For a doctor, our signature can be used to prescribe medication to a patient, or medical certificate, medical reports, sometimes if you are involved in management, your signature can be used to approve payment or et cetera . Once in a while, there will be a headline in the news regarding doctors who abused their signature to give medical certificate or medical reports, some are their fault, sometime it can be forged by irresponsible person to be abused. We were told since the beginning of our career as a doctor, to protect our signature and chop above anything else we have. Since becoming a doctor, your signature now has a value compare to others. Not just doctor, engineer, lawyer, people in the administration, all are warned regarding this 'power'. With great powe

Religious Raid in Malaysia should be systematic.

There has been a few raids by Religious department in our country. This issue must be addressed with cautions. In one side, there were these open minded people who think only for the best for everyone, and the other side were these people holding religious flag in their hand. As important as religious is, I am in between. For me, the thing that keeps me worry every time I think about it is on how privacy is treated in this beloved country of Malaysia. No matter how important you need to be religious in your life to achieve that goal to enter heaven, at the same time you need to think that we are not living alone in this country. And not all people are doing bad and sinful thing as you all think. I never had such experience of being raid by religious department, however my parent had once. How my mom describe it, very rudely someone bang their hotel room at night my parent were criminal hiding, my dad had to rushed to the door and my mom had to rush covering her head (yes we are Mu

Batman Vs Superman: Dark Vs Colourful.

Don't believe what critics said about the was like they want us only to watch those movie like Birdman, Spotlight, what else....all those movie that a non critics would say a crap movie but they say otherwise. Compare to all other superhero movies that was released since last year and the year before that, this was definitely one of the best. It was full of action, not a linear or straight one direction plot, a lot of interpretation for the audience, good acting, good graphic and good fighting scene. When people nowadays were all hypnotised by Marvel, everything was about Avengers and Captain America ( Did you ever feel its a bit funny to cheer on captain america? A very stereotyped superhero ever..), this movie in a way bring a totally different genre and mood. Yes, it was definitely not Avenger kind of movie. It was way different from any other Marvel Avengers movie... Hoping to see Captain America in this movie would be a childish hope, even hoping to see a simi