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Accepted To Master Program: Sad over happiness.

It's been a while....always been a while recently. The thing is, I was busy arranging my migration to KL city...yes. KL. I was one chosen for Master program in Pathology in UKM. Happy, a bit shocked, sad on having to leave my family behind...mixed reactions from me. I was not expecting myself as a candidate for Master program. I do like to futher my study, but I always think that a lot of people out there are better than me. Why me? To think about it, maybe it was written all along. I should go. I will not lose this one in a lifetime opportunity. I better lose myself and study. What will I become if I really completed this program... 4 years later... well, I will become a pathologist. A specialist. I really cannot imagine myself being one. Now, what I feel the most is sadness. I have to leave my wife, my daughters , my cat, my comfort zone to go to a new place called Kuala Lumpur. I really cannot imagine to be living alone there. I really want to bring my famil