Accepted To Master Program: Sad over happiness.

It's been a while....always been a while recently.

The thing is, I was busy arranging my migration to KL city...yes. KL.

I was one chosen for Master program in Pathology in UKM. Happy, a bit shocked, sad on having to leave my family behind...mixed reactions from me.

I was not expecting myself as a candidate for Master program. I do like to futher my study, but I always think that a lot of people out there are better than me. Why me?

To think about it, maybe it was written all along. I should go. I will not lose this one in a lifetime opportunity. I better lose myself and study.

What will I become if I really completed this program... 4 years later... well, I will become a pathologist. A specialist. I really cannot imagine myself being one.

Now, what I feel the most is sadness. I have to leave my wife, my daughters , my cat, my comfort zone to go to a new place called Kuala Lumpur. I really cannot imagine to be living alone there. I really want to bring my family but my wife is working here in Kota Kinabalu. If I bring her there, then what she will do? She was bounded by the JPA contract. She can't just quit and stop working. But I really do want to bring them along.

Perhaps, one day later. I don't know. Or I just finish this 4 years quickly and get back straight to them.

To think about it, my daughter will be 4 years and 7-8 years old when I finished. Sad..not able to see them growing in front of me.

This is a big sacrifice that I need to do. It's for the benefit of me, and for them. I wish that I will have time to visit them every month if I could.

5 years ago, when someone asked me where will I be in 5 years time...I will never say KL. I never wish to live in KL. Now, I have to.

I am looking forward to complete this program.


  1. drgmd2:23 am

    Congratulatios :) I am a soon-to-be houseman and I stumbled across your blog while trying to find more infos related to becoming a pathologist in Malaysia. Your guide to Master's application is very enlightening. It gave me a rough picture and hope to map out my future. Your entry is the only one on this field so far. Thus, I have a few questions :

    1) Can one become an MO in pathology ? If yes, do they have specific hospitals or can it be done anywhere ?

    2) Does UD44 apply to Pathology MOs ? Minus oncall allowance ?

    Any other infos related to the pathway of being a pathologist in Malaysia are highly appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Yes you can be pathology MO. MO in pathology is the same as other MO in other department.

      Once you become MO you can choose where you want to be posted based on availability.

      Usually, they did not require that miluch MO in pathology. Plus, only tertiary hospital and some secondary hospital have MO in their pathology department.l (exception to a few district hospital).

      Other than taking master progtam, you can take MRCPath to become pathologist. Same like MRCP but i heard its more difficult.


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