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The Beginning of DrPath Program

It is not that I am busy to update my blog but rather more like I have no mood to do so. This low mood started on 1st June 2016 when I was accepted in Master Program. I've written a few weeks ago that I am so sad instead of happy entering this program due to seperation with my family. I feel like I am not doing anything ever since. It was different. When I finish my study as a medical student, I have to be separated from my wife ( at that time just a girlfriend) for 2 years plus before we married. A few months after that, we also worked in different state so it kind of like Long term relationship all the way until she finally followed me to Sabah. But now, it was not only about separating with her, but also with my 2 daughters. This make e feel so depressed compare to before. Anyway, I was accepted to Master program and the registration date was on 1st June. As usual, registration day was hectic. It was like a market or something. And I can see that, we Malaysian are also con