Master Study: Ehlp Open again Today!

I heard that eHLP has been open today for those in KKM. Well, what is that mean?

eHLP is an online system which will be opened once every year for one month for all working under KKM to continue study. Basically, it is like an application system to get sponsored by KKM/MOH to further study escpecially Master progam and PhD.

So, every doctors in Ministry of Health must be busy for this one month period preparing all their document, their 100 words essay, finding two referee and lots of paperwork to be completed.

What is important regarding eHLP is not the documentation and the paperwork, but the mindset and decision that need to be made before applying. First thing is to decide what field you want to specialise into and where do you want to further your study. Most doctors did not bother about this, just applying for the sake of applying or peer pressure.

I can't say much on which field is the best but it can be divided into two big categories. Clinical or non clinical.

For me, I love pathology and I am grateful to be enrolled into this pathology program I am having now in UKM.

Where you want to study also important. Basically, there is  not much University offering medical master program in Malaysia. Generally you can only choose whether you want to study in Kuala Lumpur or up north in Kelantan.

Most will decide to go to KL as usual, KL.... Who does not want to live in KL, a big city full of everything. Yet, you must considered what do you want to do first. Some program only available in USM and some program offered by USM are pretty good compare to those offered in KL. But most of the program are available in KL. In KL there will be UM, UKM, UPM, and UITM.

Perhaps if you do not want to go to Semenanjung, maybe you can go to Sabah. Sabah currently offering public health master program under UMS. If you want to go Sarawak, Sarawak also have Master in Community medicine which is equals to Public Health.

In my opinion, forget those people or friends who told you to go study far away from home. This is a common thing said by common people, study far away to gain more experience. Stop that stereotype and find a place to study that is nearer to your hometown.


Because when you were undergraduate, you are so care free and can go everywhere you want. But master program, either you already have your family, or you are still single but remember, you are in your reproductive year of your life. So don't mess it up with your work and study.

If you are Sabahan, and love public health, go UMS.

If you are Sarawakian, and you love community medicine or public health, go UNIMAS.

If you are from Semenanjung and you love public health, all universitiies in Semenanjung I mentioned above offered public health.

In the end, its not the title of master or your work that is matter, but your family. Don't mess up your life before you know it.

So, if you are like me, Love pathology, from Sabah, then no choice. Have to go depart with family and perhaps in 4 years time, I did not mess up anything.

Those who want to apply hlp, then head to


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