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Barbican, Malta, Nutrimalt: An intepretation of drinks.

It always triggers me regarding this brewing type of drink which obviously getting a lot of attention and increasing consumer for those who opted not to drink alcohol for various reason, maybe health or religious belief. What triggers me is that a lot of people are against and full of hatred regarding the drinks. Some even felt that they need to a raised a hand, weapon and abusing those who drink such drinks. Most of this people are fighting on the based of religious issue. It was actually a different in opinion and interpretation. Its actually a non alcoholic beverages which comprise of brewing technique that they used to produce the alcoholic one. But without the complete fermentation, it only produced a lot of sugar without turning it into alcohol. In technical and scientific point of view, its not alcoholic, and those with liver problem or any alcohol associated diseases, this can be a good alternative. It also contains a lot vitamins which somehow is equavalent to a supplement