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House Officer in Malaysia: Are they real doctors?

Does house officer job really tough? I have written about this in my blog before. It may be already lost somewhere in the internet. One of the most memorable time of your life after becoming a doctor is house officer time. The time where you find your true self, your weakness and your strength. It was also the time when you have to decide, whether you need to continue such life, or just leave it and find other job. To tell you the truth, a lot of my friend who dropped out from house officer program are successful nowadays in other field. So what is it like to be a house officer? This will be a part of my chronology of 'Becoming a doctor in Malaysia' post. You can check out the previous post here: How to Become a Doctor in Malaysia Are you still a real doctor? House Officer: Have they eaten their breakfast? I will start my story here by highlighting that many member of the public, and even some doctor themselves doubt about house officer credibility and competency.

Becoming a medical officer in Malaysia: Are you still a real doctor?

To recap from my previous post, a person must completed 5-6 years study in medical school, pass their professional exam, enter 2 years house officer training program, pass their exam and completed their logbooks, then a person can now be called a fully registered Medical Officer / Medical Doctor. A Journey of a Junior Medical Officer After 7 or 8 years experience, a house officer will be given a full registration under Malaysian Medical Council. This registration process is a lengthy process which takes up months before it will be completed. Most doctors will apply for full registration 4 months before they finish their house officer training program. The registration will be processed only if all the criteria has been fulfilled by the house officer which includes log book, review by a board of specialist, no disciplinary action recorded, and other paper work stuff that need to be settled. A full registration means that the doctor now can practice as a doctor independently. They ca

How to be A Doctor in Malaysia: Are you a real doctor?

When we talk about doctor, not many knew about how someone eventually can hold that title. For most people, to be a medical doctor, you need to enter medical school and miraculously be a doctor 5-6 years later. I was called to write on the career pathway of a doctor. As any other professional career, I can assure you that it is not easy to be a doctor, a real doctor. You can be a bogus one but what's the point on that? This will be a multiple post entry, and for the first part of my story of a doctor's journey, I will call it:  On The Beginning Of A Young Doctor Everyone is correct, to be a doctor, the first step is to step into a medical school. To be accepted into a medical school, a person or a student must excel in his or her A-level exam, matriculation, or anything similar to that. In Malaysia, there are quite a lot of medical school however we need to understand that not all medical school were acknowledge or accredited to teach real medicine. Most public Univ