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Forensic Medicine: Are they Real Medicine?

I have written a few post before this as a series of story on doctors in Malaysia. Everyone can view the post here: How to Become Doctor in Malaysia Are you Still A doctor? House Officer : Are they Real Doctor?  Direct Selling Doctor In Malaysia I have talk in details regarding a pathway for a doctor after becoming a medical officer. In my previous post, I also talk regarding Aesthetic medicine which I find it to be an unreal medicine. I still think it that way. I believe most doctor will agree on that except aesthetic doctor themselves. Also in my previous rant I mention about forensic medicine. I have been thinking a lot of forensic medicine. Are they real medicine because from what I know and from my experience, Forensic Medicine is very special. It's like a special branch in medicine. They does not do what other doctors do everyday. They deal with dead people.... Forensic Medicine: A Cycle completer I do not need to talk about different branches

Doctors in Malaysia: Direct Selling Doctor?

I will continue with another topic for my series of post regarding medical doctor in Malaysia. Please go through my previous post on this series: How to Become Doctor in Malaysia Are you Still A doctor? House Officer : Are they Real Doctor? The purpose of my writing on this series are due to my urge to inform to those who want to become a doctor and for those who do not, to understand on how a life a doctor really is. There are thousand of article, blog post, even books out there showing the painful life of a doctor, how noble the job is, everything seems to be talking on one side of the fence. I want to talk on both side of the territory. The ugly side, and also the pretty side of medicine. A soldier won't admit their work just doing nothing waiting for enemy to attack. A teacher won't admit that their job is less stressful than those soldier. Same for doctor, always picturing themselves as the only person lifting the whole world. I want to talk on what really is medi