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Master in Pathology: Which University to choose?

Once you have decided to do master in pathology,  one thing will comes into your mind before anything else.  Before you even bother to choose which specialty you want to do,  or which book you want to buy, you will have to decide which university you would like to enroll to.  It seems like an easy task, it was not.  Your choice will affect your life for the next 4 years.  You should remember that you cannot change it after you have accepted to that university.  It was the same like how you choose your university during your undergraduate time.  Only now,  there were only a few universities which offer postgraduate study in pathology.  Leave the overseas universities behind(Government won't sponsor you to go oversea nowadays in this economy).  Local universities are not that bad.  We are actually pretty good in producing a competent pathologist.  In Malaysia,  there are only 5 universities that offer pathology for postgraduate study.  Here are the list UM UKM UPM UIT

Metallica: Shining or rusted metal?

        I've listen to Metallica for almost 12 years now. Am I a little late? Of course, I am not that old to be listening to Metallica that early. Started to listen to them when I was 16 years old, all of their songs.  I can say that Metallica is the motivation for me to pick up a guitar and play music. Not professionally but at least I know how to pull up a chord. I was lucky when they released their new album entitled St.Anger that I thought would be another great album to which I disappointed in the end.           After that, Death Magnetic, good but so-so. Just like that, I started to listen to the other music. Metallica seem to be rusted as what other metal usually do. Once in a while, I will listen to a few of their old track in Spotify, and as Metallica does not seem to release all their old song in Spotify, I feel that they will eventually be forgotten.           Then they released a new one, Hardwire To Self Destruct. When I first saw that title, I was like " Tha

Donald Trump The President of United States.

It was a shocking turn in the world history when Donald Trump win the US presidency election yesterday. Media and social media all over the internet seems to be biased on him, and by just following the trend in Social media, I would strongly expect that he will lose. However, this bias on report, television shows, celebrity, youtube and almost any technology related media appear to be unmatchable to the strong democracy power in America. It is shocking indeed. Initially I wpuld thought that Americans will be smart enough to choose the right person to be their leader, but they did not. That was my initial thought, because after Trump win, I try looking at it from a different perspective. I was wrong, so as many other people. As we can see, Trump policy mostly are not favourable to other countries including us but it seems favourable to their own as Trump campaign are more focus on reshaping and rebuilding america itself. We as the non americans, and not living in America does not se

GST on Medicine: The conflict

There it is again, a time when I was so busy with my work and study and I can't even keep on writing on the story of Doctor in Malaysia for quite some times. I've been working at it, there were so many thing that can be told regarding what we do in our life. Just like pilot, engineer, soldier, teacher, labourer, the story of medical doctor is interesting. However, this time I want to discuss an issue out of that topic. This maybe a little political but I will try not to be. I just want people out there to understand that there is something wrong with the current health system in Malaysia. I believe everyone already knew about it, yet many do not want to admit it as a problem. GST (Goods and Service Tax) was implemented in our country for the sake of supporting our economy as the oil price going down everyday. Oil is cheap, and oil is not a good business now compare to years ago where oil was claimed to be a black gold. I am not against GST as many countries in the world are