Donald Trump The President of United States.

It was a shocking turn in the world history when Donald Trump win the US presidency election yesterday. Media and social media all over the internet seems to be biased on him, and by just following the trend in Social media, I would strongly expect that he will lose. However, this bias on report, television shows, celebrity, youtube and almost any technology related media appear to be unmatchable to the strong democracy power in America.

It is shocking indeed. Initially I wpuld thought that Americans will be smart enough to choose the right person to be their leader, but they did not. That was my initial thought, because after Trump win, I try looking at it from a different perspective. I was wrong, so as many other people. As we can see, Trump policy mostly are not favourable to other countries including us but it seems favourable to their own as Trump campaign are more focus on reshaping and rebuilding america itself. We as the non americans, and not living in America does not seem to have the right to force Americans to elect a president that favour us and not them. Even in the issues of Muslim and Mexicans, I believe if you are an Americans, it is not wrong for you to dislike these groups. And its their right to determine what is best for their own group.

Most of the reason reaction on why people did note vote for Clinton is because of the current government does not really address most of the concern for their citizen. Two term in ruling America with little changes happening. Obama has answered this a few years ago by saying that changing policy if he could do it he will do it immediately but policies need to be debated and discuss in their house of representative before approval so it takes times. Apparantly, people in the US cannot wait any longer. They should learn from us Malaysian, we wait for more than 50 years, and we still waiting.

We all felt the intensity of America's election. Somehow, no matter how hard we tried to deny it, America still happen to be one the greatest and powerful country in the World. If I ask you who are the leader of Ghana, I am certain that you will not even bother to answer me. Yet, regarding America, everyone went crazy when Trump win, as if is like we are all Americans. We are not. We felt the impact because, America is undeniably a great nation in the world. Look around us, most of us preach to not like America, some of us religious people even call America the devil, yet we watch their election like we are watching ours. These is how great America is.

People expect economy will plunged down when Trump wins, yet American Dollar stand strong after he wins. This is perhaps due to Trump manifesto in improving America's economy. I believe, the other nation who are hanging by the rope to America in hope to get the most benefit will be let down. Or perhaps we all will feel the benefit of the stronger US economy. No one is certain, time will tell.

Anyway, Trump should be congratulated on winning the election. If he win, then he deserve it. A lot of protest are going on in US now due to those who do not support him trying to bring it to the street. That would be unproductive at this moment even if their protest on gerrymandering is legit. It happen in Malaysia also in the last election.

Even if every each of us could not believe it, Trump wins, Donald Trump is the new president of America.

P/S: Looking forward to the next election in Malaysia, whether we have the courage to change our ruling party. We may not be as brave as Americans. So let it be forever with one party, or change it.


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