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Are you still practicing real medicine?

Medicine is like a religion. Some follow it strictly, some don't. Some just using it for money. Just about two weeks ago, my wife asked me whether this trending therapy using gluthatione, a therapy to make your skin whiter. I have to say that I am still practicing medicine in a real way. It's not my expertise but I am not pretty sure what Gluthathione is good for? My encounter with this Gluthathione thing was when I read my text book on liver disease. Well those who lack of this enzyme will be more prone to get liver toxicity due to paracetamol poisoning. Something like that. And obviously if you read on physiology an biochemistry, you will encounter with this thing. It's a essential substances in our body. Ammonium is also essential in our cell metabolism but do we drink ammonium for health reason? That would be crazy. A lot of substances in our body are actually toxic but due to their micro amount, we manage to utilized them perfectly. Nature was a beauty. This

Master in Pathology Entrance Exam: Interview Part.

Congratulations to all that pass Master in Pathology Entrance Exam which was held on 14 December 2016. For those who does not, do not worry, there will be another one next year. There are no limit on taking this exam so it will be all good. I would also like to congratulate my wife on passing that exam. She was planning on taking Chemical pathology. Well, I believe if she does enter next June, our family would be a pathological family. Just remember, there is nothing pathological about a pathologist. This is why most pathologist are kind and warm hearted person. The pathological person usually will not become a pathologist. It could be good to our family then. So after the entrance Exam which was held in my place of study now, UKM, I met a few friends and colleague who have gone through the exam and the interview. Well, most who pass concern about their interview score. Most of them panicked during the interview and give all sort of funny answer. I was planning to write on the inte

Birthday Prank: SMSL 2003 memory...

As I read some of my earliest blogpost entry since 2006, I have a feeling that somehow life is so interesting. What I wrote about the current issue, politics, music, medicine, were just providing fact and information for readers out there who are seeking for it. My real passion in writing is to write about those interesting experience in my life. The thing that I wanted to share. Half of me wanted to give information, half of me just want to share.  Today, I suddenly remember regarding a story that happen 13 years ago. A story that most of the people who are involved will never forget. This story happen when I was in Form 5, at Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan (SMSL). It happen because of one person. We call him Buyut. So do you all know that during my time, it was 2003, there were a tradition in our boarding school where everyone will prank you during your birthday. This tradition was prohibited by the school because it cost too much 'damage'. People would just thrashed out