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Who Watches Wrestling anymore?: Rumble To Wrestlemania 2017.

Who took a day leave just to stay at home and watch Wrestlemania? I did that once. Who watches wrestling anymore? I do. It's an option and no one should be judge on whatever they want to watch. Someone love watching those malay drama on Tv3 and someone love to watch wrestling on WWE network. Both are not real, but both can be entertaining that's for sure. I do not watch those drama anyway but my wife love it. Last year, I took a day off to watch Wrestlemania Live. This year, I do not plan to do that, but I am still going to watch it, maybe just the replay. The problem with Wrestling shows and also most of the sports show, or any Live show from the west, they always hold it on Sunday night which equals to monday morning in Malaysia. I wonder why they choose Sunday night and not Saturday night. Did American be able to go to work the next morning after the show? Just curious. Anyway, regarding wrestling, I am a fan of wrestling since I was a little kid. Don't bluff to me