Who Watches Wrestling anymore?: Rumble To Wrestlemania 2017.

Who took a day leave just to stay at home and watch Wrestlemania? I did that once.

Who watches wrestling anymore? I do. It's an option and no one should be judge on whatever they want to watch. Someone love watching those malay drama on Tv3 and someone love to watch wrestling on WWE network. Both are not real, but both can be entertaining that's for sure. I do not watch those drama anyway but my wife love it.

Last year, I took a day off to watch Wrestlemania Live. This year, I do not plan to do that, but I am still going to watch it, maybe just the replay. The problem with Wrestling shows and also most of the sports show, or any Live show from the west, they always hold it on Sunday night which equals to monday morning in Malaysia. I wonder why they choose Sunday night and not Saturday night. Did American be able to go to work the next morning after the show? Just curious.

Anyway, regarding wrestling, I am a fan of wrestling since I was a little kid. Don't bluff to me, everyone know Hulk Hogan. If you are too hypocrite to admit it, don't deny it. I was just a little kids perhaps when Hulk Hogan was on the top of the wrestling world. I learn about him after I started to seriously follow this sport entertainment shows when I was 13 years old. He was an amazing performer. When we talk about wrestling, we used performer to describe a wrestler accurately. Most of their job is to perform an act to entertain people. They were not really in a sport territory. Nevertheless, they were all athletes. They need a huge stamina to perform a 20-30 minutes fighting sequence without a cut. They trained even more than the other athletes do. If you think about it, how much training did a DOTA player do? Yet, playing games like that it consider sports. How many weight lifting did a driver of F1 racing does? Yet, F1 is consider as sports. So it is fair to called a wrestler an athletes even though you know they were not really fighting in that ring. They were putting up a show to entertain people.

In wrestling, they were a few superstars/wrestler/performer that really shine. They were hundreds if not thousand of wrestler in world history but only a few earn that spots. One of them is Hulk Hogan as I mentioned earlier. Why Hulk Hogan? Have you seen him wrestle / performed? He has a body physique that is perfect for a wrestler. The most important thing, he has the persona and charisma plus a good acting skills which can entertain you no matter when or where he wrestle.

Hulk Hogan, the first kids friendly superstar that make WWF well known internationally. 

They were a lot of wrestlers who are very good in what they do, yet they never shine like few that became legend. If I say Andre the Giant, The Ultimate Worrior, Sting, British Bulldog, Vader, Triple H, Randy Orton, Mick Foley/Mankind, Ric Flair, Big Show and many more, most of you will scratch your head not knowing who are these people. They were great wrestler who ever live and perform in WWF and WWE. Yet, their legacy only known to those fan who really love wrestling like I do. 

Mankind has performed one the most dangerous act in wrestling but not many knew about him especially those who didn't follow up wrestling. This man is crazy. He perhaps could died twice in a wrestling match. Still he survived. 

But when I mentioned Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Undertaker, these names ring a bell in your head. Why? Because this 4 wrestler were not only great, they were ultimately the greatest legend in wrestling world.

As a person who does not wrestle myself, never knew how to wrestle or whatever they do there, I as a long term follower of wrestling, in my opinion, think that they were 3 things that a wrestler should have to became a legend in wrestling. A stamina, a charisma, good promo skills, be able to 'sell', and a bad ass character. In wrestling, what you see in that wrestling ring is a character and outside they were not necessarily like that. All wrestlers are doing their character like an actor playing their role in the movie. You have a stamina, charismatic, can talk very nicely with microphone but you play a wrong type of character, you will end up being a good wrestler but not a legend.

Among the four legend wrestler that I mentioned above, one wrestler shine way brighter than the other was Stone Cold Steve Austin. This man, who play Stunning Steve with blonde hair before he played Stone Cold character was a true legend among all. Have you ever watch him before he became Stone Cold? You feel like you want to vomit looking at his character. Everyone thought that he will never be a great wrestler/performer. Suddenly he changed his character to become Stone Cold, a bald bad ass who did't give a damn about anything other than a drinking cold beer, throwing a middle finger in front of camera and curse all the way in prime time TV,  he shocked everyone inside wrestling world. Suddenly, parent start to prohibit their children to watch wrestling. Suddenly wrestling was not for kids anymore. Suddenly, hundreds millions of people start tuning their tv to wrestling just to watch this one person who break the rules of wrestling world. Stone cold became famous so rapidly. It started when he throw a legendary promo when he was interviewed after he won King Of The Ring Pay per view, out of nowhere he throw a punch line "Austin 3:16 said, I just whipped your ass!".

Not a role model character but Stone Cold stunned the whole wrestling world with his character that never been seen before. He make people give attention to wrestling even for those who did not watch wrestling. 

Stone Cold was so famous to the point that WWE could not replicate their success with Stone Cold in their main roster. 

Someone said, Stone cold outshine Hulk Hogan fame, yes. He did. He was more famous than Hogan. I watched every Stone Cold match, I never knew why but everytime he wrestle, you would be fascinated. He was so entertaining in the right way possible. His character also was a legacy. They made him a very tough son of a bitch ever in wrestling world. You never saw him quitting, or surrender, or just defeated easily. His character was pretty tough. Stone cold was still the number 1 wrestler that ever born in sports entertainment industry up until today. Nobody can claimed his crown no matter how much they tried.

Standing just below Stone Cold was no other than Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock. This man bring Hulk Hogan way of entertainment back to the industry. As WWE is floating away with Stone Cold Bad Ass charisma, and start forgetting the young children and kids who also love wrestling, The Rock suddenly appeared. Initially as a bad guy but ends up becoming a people's champion and everybody just love him until today. He balanced the bad ass character of Stone Cold, put a bit of Hulk Hogan's fun way of wrestling, and spice it up with his own unique character to become one of the most famous man in the world today. He is more famous than Stone Cold thanks to his talent in acting. The Rock is as famous as Stone Cold in wrestling and he add it up to the next level when he joined Hollywood as an actor. He is the only person who are able to be known both from wrestling and acting that he did. The Rock still active today compare to Stone Cold who were already retired. Stone Cold last match in WWE was against The Rock and The Rock beat Stone Cold making some people think that The Rock was tougher than Stone Cold. I doubt that. In my opinion, both character was the same in toughness but Stone Cold became a legend purely just by wrestling so Stone Cold will still be on the top.

The Rock is the only person who can stand equals to Stone Cold Steve Austin

I love The Rock more than Stone Cold, but I have to admit Stone Cold deserves that number 1 spot.

The Rock signature move, The Rock Bottom. 

While The Undertaker, are not legend like Stone Cold, The Rock or Hulk Hogan, but he deserves a spot because he was consistent. He was still wrestle until today, never stopped. He was like immortal in wrestling world. Just as you thought that they were no more Undertaker, and there he is still wrestle in the last Royal Rumble, still tough to beat.

This man never stop is it? Please retire. 

Rumble to Wrestlemania. 

As I watched Royal Rumble which was held on 28th January 2017 (29th January in Malaysia), I was shocked that The Undertaker still able to wrestle in a Royal Rumble, he looked old and tired but he still plays his character well. He deserves respect. He lose anyway.

Royal Rumble is a pay per view shows of WWE which is huge as huge as Wrestlemania. Royal Rumble is my favourite shows after wrestlemania. The rules is simple, 30 wrestler inside that wrestling ring trying to eliminate each other until one is left to be crown the winner. The winner will book a ticket directly to the main event of Wrestlemania. This means, you did not need to win anymore match or perform so much to be in the main match in Wrestlemania show, you win Royal Rumble, you were already secure your seat in Wrestlemania.

The winner of Royal Rumble this year was..Randy Orton. I guess WWE has run out of gas. Since this few years, they did not manage to create a new legacy like what they did with The Rock or Stone Cold. Randy Orton, was just Randy Orton. I guess he will fight John Cena in Wrestlemania. That would be sucks.

The last most famous person in WWE was Daniel Bryan. A great performer but not that great. He was scripted not like The Rock or Stone Cold. He was planned by WWE to become famous, it does not realistic even though we knew that WWE is not real after all. We love something fake but look realistic. Nevertheless, Daniel Bryan was famous but he retired so early because of brain problem. Too many concussion forced him to retired early or else he will be having neurological deficit. Good for him to stop early.

John Cena on the other hand, was an amazing wrestler. But he was a product of WWE when WWE change their rating from Stone Cold kind of wrestling to more kids friendly wrestling. John Cena was loved by almost all young WWE fans today. Just like Hulk Hogan. But we had enough Hulk Hogan already so we do not need a character like John Cena. He was also one the most hated wrestler by more older WWE fans, including me. But I respect him. He try too hard to become a legend.

The always colourful kids friendly character, John Cena. 

One the most waited match in Wrestlemania is Brock Lesnar Vs Goldberg. Brock Lesnar is a unique wrestler today. He played a natural character which was similar to Stone Cold but without the good promo skills or storyline like what Stone Cold did. But Brock Lesnar is still a living legend. If you want to watch a very realistic aggresive wrestling, Brock Lesnar will be the one who can deliver that. He tear up Randy Orton forehead until a match need to be stopped prematurely, and he defeat The Undertaker like it's not a big deal. Brock Lesnar will be a number 5 candidate in wrestling legend. We will see as he was still developing in WWE. He could reach another height pretty soon if they keep his way of wrestle and did not suddenly change his character for the benefit of young children. He was the only wrestler in WWE nowadays who are not suitable for kids to watch. His move if performed by unattended young children could result in a devastating injury. So Brock Lesnar is the remaining wrestler who still live in Stone Cold or we called it Attitude Era of WWE. Goldberg on the other hand, is already a legend in WCW. Now joining WWE, his character was bad ass like Stone Cold, at least they tried to make him look like that. He lack something which I could not figure out. Yet, he was an amazing performer. Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar will be the center of Wrestlamania.

Brock Lesnar beating Randy Orton until he lacerated Randy Orton forehead in Summerslam. The match stopped prematurely after less than 5 minutes because randy orton was soaked with blood and his forehead need to be stitched. Everyone including WWE was shocked with the incident but this incident make people start to like WWE again. Brock Lesnar was fined and suspended for a few weeks after he did this live on TV. 

Wrestlemania will be held this March as usual. March is my favourite month, one of the factor for that is Wrestlemania. It's the biggest even in wrestling world. Just like World Cup in soccer, or Thomas Cup in Badminton. For those who watch wrestling, this is the time for you apply one day leave so that you can watch Wrestlamania live in WWE network. Haha. Don't do that.

Who watches Wrestling anymore?


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