Death to all those who steal!

When we were busy visiting interesting places in KL with my wife, someone decided to break into our house in Sabah and steal our stuff. I can't believe that it's finally happening to me. I've heard so many story regarding burglary cases in my apartment area and I believe that by those cases, the security and management, the police, and whoever involved in trying to solve this problem, already learn their lesson and try to fix the problem.

Nothing has been done. Cases of burglaries are on the rise. It seems that no one have a solution for it. That is unacceptable. But no matter how many grunts I wrote, people will always said that they are doing their best to reduce the crime rate, but the results were the opposites.

When my wife arrived at our home in Putatan, she was really shocked to see that our door were damaged and everything inside the house was thrashed. How could people be this evil. I never show off my wealth, I never disturb anyone, but yet, someone decided to do such thing to us. I will not forgive the person no matter what reason given to me. I do not care about your financial problem that lead you to break into our house, you think I don't have problem on myself.

It was a dark memory for our family now.

I was really frustrated with the security system in our apartment. It seems that no one actually work to make that place safe. Last time I saw multiple time police doing patrol in Putatan area and now they become less frequent and a rare thing to see. It look like burglary rate is going down, so they do not need to patrol around anymore. Is it? Because when my wife lodge a police report, she was told to wait before the police to come and check our house because they were a lot more cases reported in Putatan area. It took 24 hours before police finally came to our house to inspect it. My family had to rent a hotel for a night just to wait for the police, then another night after that because they came late in the afternoon, no time to clean up the mess.

I was also surprised to hear that the particular police officer was working his ass off 24 hours because not enough personnel in their station. We should really consider adding more officer if crime rates increase, not just letting one officer to work 24 hours. I don't believe those burglars are only one burglar, they were a lot of them, and we need more personnel to defeat them.

Nothing much has been stolen from my house, as you know, I am furthering my master study and my wife will be pursuing her study soon, we really don't have that much money. The burglar stole our broken laptop which we plan to throw away anyway. Nevertheless, I am sad cause there were a little bit of jewellery which supposed to be a gift from my mother to my daughter and our engagement ring that has been stolen. That burglar pick the wrong house to steal.

I wish that this thing will not happen again and I pray a lot that the burglar will be caught and I hope he will suffer the rest of his life as a consequences. I am not so much on forgiving.

Death to all those who steal.


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