Ex-Too Phat Malique: Disappoint us again!

Maybe it was not ASTRO fault, maybe it was not Anugerah Era teams fault. Maybe it was Malique who disappoint us so many times, showing no respect to all his fans who has been supporting him from day 1.

As you all know, at Anugerah Meletop Era 2017, there were a little bit of excitement when Dayang Nurfaezah performed a song with Malique live..Or is it? When the song started, all eyes were trying to find which one among those robes wearing human being is malique. We all heard Malique voices, it has been a long time since we hear him "Live".

We were all waiting, to be disappointed that Malique was not there. And I doubt he was anywhere near that place. Astro in the end make a press conference saying that it was all a gimmick. A stupid one!

What is the worst thing than lip sync when performing live? Doing like what Malique did, not even even at the site in the first place. It was dumb. All the fan were tricked into believing that we will for once in our lifetime will see Malique again.

Ok, fine. It was all about his decision not to appear on TV anymore or whatever, but was that enough reason to tricked those fan that has been supporting him since day 1? Well, perhaps all these fan were that loyal, let just make a pre-recorded voice and called it 'Live". I could not believe they will do something like this.

I love Too Phat, I love all Malique songs. He was gifted, he write a beautiful poetry, he might have his own problem that make him hide for whatever reason, but that does not include the right to lie to everyone. I was thinking, if a soldier decided to hide himself and just pretend that he was still in the batttlefield, can he be called one anymore? Or maybe a doctor who hide at her house just treating patient by phone or email, would that be acceptable?

I guess, it has been so many times that Malique let his fans down. This time its the worse among all. Partly, ASTRO and ERA to be blamed for thinking and making such a foolish gimmick, and partly to Malique himself who has abandoned those who help make him one of the best in music industry. A teacher without student is not a teacher, a doctor without patient is not a doctor, same goes to a rapper, a singer, and any occupation there is in this world.

Disappointed fans.

Was Sia present when she performed live? Can't see her face, but she did.
Was Gorrilaz present when they performed live with their animation? Yes they did.
Was Malique there in Anugerah Meletop Era 2017?


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