How Much To Study for Part 1 Mpath (Malaysia)

As I gaze upon the star, thinking about what will happen in the future, I saw text 'marqueeing' my vision. Then I looked down, to the thick book that I am reading right now.

How much do we need to study for Part 1 Master of Pathology? Basically, a lot. It's medical school final exam all over again. To registered yourself into Part 2 of the 4 years program, you need to basically master 4 subject in 1 year. Ironically, when part 2 started, you will be specialised into only 1 subject of your choice. Why do we need to learn all 4?

There were reason behind this, and it's debatable. A lot of argument, pro and cons and all sort of things but the system was already there, and to change it, it will need a lot of brain and paperwork. There were a few changes with Forensic Pathology since they are trying to depart from Master of Pathology program, have their own exams and their own assessment for their candidates to ensure that their candidate did not get stuck because they failed in hematology or chemical pathology (for example - like they are going to use so much of that hematology to diagnose their dead body). I believe in the future, all branches of pathology should have their exam separately. It's not like those who are taking microbiology do not need to learn about hematology or chemical pathology or anatomy pathology, but I believe the exam should be orientated more towards microbiology. If a microbiology candidate failed because they cannot diagnose Osteosarcoma, is it fair for him/her?

Medicine has evolved into a more subspecialty orientated. Thus, if a microbiologist cannot diagnosed leukaemia, is he or she medicolegally  get to be blamed? Or is it medicolegally right if a hematologist validate a bacterial culture result?

Leave this argument for the future. As for now, my focus is to pass part 1 exam which will happen this early May. I am scared,  unconfident, nervous, excited at the same time. I feel like I am going back to Final medical school exam. I even dreams of becoming a house officer back for a few nights already. It was a nightmare. I was so happy that I woke up to notice that I am not a house officer anymore.

How much do we need to study during the first year of DrPath program? We need to learn 4 subjects only.

Chemical pathology
Anatomy pathology
A little bit on Forensic Pathology and entomology.


Total that 4, it's basically = The whole medicine.

What diseases do you think that we do need to read?

We cover all disciplines of medicine from A to Z.

If you think about it, we did not learn only about those disease that doesn't require lab investigation. Every discipline in medicine love lab investigation. Have you ever met a doctor who diagnosed without one? It's Dr. Gregory House, I wish House was real. The only disease which did not require lab investigation is.....for example......psychiattric illnesses (I was thinking hard to come up with this one).

But then you need to rule out medical causes before diagnosing psychiatric illnesses.

Plus, my friend who are doing master in psychiatry now are saying to me that Psy are trying to find a biochemical marker for psychiatric illnesses. Make their life easier, make us more thing to learn then.

If a doctor does not require lab investigation, it's either you are perfectly healthy or that doctor is one of those alternative fake doctor who think vitamin can cure cancer.

So, this is how much you need to study in Pathology, all in one year time.

You dare for this challenge? You are ready?

p/s: Pathologist is the treated as the least important doctors in a hospital. But every diagnosis made, everything need to go through a pathologist first. It's a hidden profession, behind the curtain, but they still holding that noble pilar of medicine.

Do No Harm.


  1. syafiqah.want to further study on forensic pathology.may i know for entrance exam what should we prepare? ,& may i know what book you read for preparing for entrance exam.tq

    1. Generally for pathology you need to read Robin and contran Pathologic basis of disease. Just read the first 10 chapter or the part on General Pathology. No need to read the systemic part.

      However, recently, I found out that forensic candidate have their own paper during entrance exam, they were not group together with pathology candidate. You might go and check on that. Was there a different question? I am not sure on that.

  2. Hi, could you recommend the books to study for pathology entrance exam? Is robin and cotrans pathologic basis of dis enough?


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