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Labuan Indah: A Song That Should Not Be Forgotten.

As I was busy preparing for my final exam this May, I did not update this blog that much anymore. I have a lot of things to share but I have no time to share it as for now. Perhaps after the exams, I will start sharing more.

However, during my strenuous reading for the final exam, I stumble upon a song in my mind (yes, in my mind - you know when you study 18 hours a day then you started sing something in your mind). Maybe too much information feed into my brain cause it to trigger a remote past memory about a song. This song is called Labuan Indah.

It is supposed to be a official song for W.P Labuan. It used to be. I remember when I was in matriculation college before med school, those from Sabah will sing their official Sabah anthem, Sarawak will sing their official Sarawak anthem, then Labuan. Even we are only minority in that college as most of them were from the mainland of Borneo, yet the song became more famous than the other two songs.

Most of my friend always say..

" How come Labuan official anthem be that nice?"
" That does not sound like any other state anthem, its melodious and calming"
"Among all state anthem, Labuan anthem is the best.

Yes it is. That song that always played in the Radio every morning was a very nice patriotic song I ever heard. I am glad that Labuan has such a nice song as it's anthem.

Wait, does it?

Google Labuan Official anthem, you will not find this song anymore. Try in youtube, you will also not find this song anymore. In the radio, you will not hear this song anymore.

This song was gone.

I afraid that newer generation of Labuanite (some of us called us Labuanite if you are from Labuan) will not even realised the existence of this song. Why?

I could not find the answer why. What I know is, that song is never an official Labuan song. They said that it was just a patriotic song that perhaps someone sang it and as no other song were available at that time, thus the song was choose as our official anthem. So what we sang in school, college, all was a lie?

Maybe, they have good reason to replace that song with another new song, which I found similar to any other state song. Full of words un-meaningful, marching drum, something like that. And the song was an official Federal territory song, sang for Putrajaya, KL and Labuan.

Thus, the official song of Labuan that I remember, is no longer around nowadays. What a shame.

What will those matriculation student from Sarawak and Sabah will say to the minority Labuan student in college? Will they be impressed like they used to be during my time?

The song will always be in Labuan's people.

Here are the lyrics for that song:

Di sini ku berdiri menyaksikan
Indah permai bumi ciptaan Tuhan
Labuan Pulau Mutiara Laut China Selatan,
Langkahku kini jadi taruhan

Sekecil manapun tempat berdiri
Akan ku jaga dengan rela hati
Warisan pusaka kita bumi mesti dijaga
Kini melangkah ke puncak jaya

Berkibar bendera,
Labuan tercinta,
Menjaga maruah,
Bersemangat waja.

Labuan ku indah,
Labuan ku cinta,
Kau berdiri megah,
Di antarabangsa..

Di bumi bertuah,
Kau kini berubah,
Menjaga maruah,
Untuk selamanya..

Gemilang namamu,
Gemilang bangsaku,
Labuan ku maju,
Labuan negeriku..

NOTES: I have read some other blogs citing this song as official Labuan anthem. It was. Now, this song will only be the official anthem for us the previous generation. The newest generation will be forced to remember the new one.

NOTES 2: There are another song which is quite nice about Labuan. That song was created by a singer who had a vacation in Labuan then fell in love with the beauty of the island. It is never an official song for Labuan but it was more like a tribute song. That song is catchy. Whoever knew about that song, please leave a comment below.


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