Master in Pathology Malaysia: Should You Consider

A direct question, should you consider taking Master in Pathology course in Malaysia? Before I answer this directly, I would first would like to congratulate for those who pass their entrance exam. Result were out last week. Some people celebrate their success getting through that exam, and some people just don't have enough luck to be accepted into the program.

One of them was my wife. She passed the exam, went for the interview, in the end, her name was left out, most likely due to bad economy nowadays. What is with the economy? I was thinking that maybe government does not have enough money to sponsor it's citizen to further their Master study, but the reason was not with the sponsorship. It's higher than that.

If government cannot sponsor its citizen to study, why don't just ask them people to pay for their study themselves? Solved the problem. However, I was told that it's not about the scholarship or we called it HLP, it's about the seat offered by the university. The seat has decreased significantly starting this year. Why? Because of the economy. Still going back to that duh! Every seat in a public university equals to public money which is widely known as government money. So, this is the reason why they reduce the number of intake, making a lot of people failed to further their study this year. I don't buy that reason. Just let people to pay themselves, problem solved.

Anyway, should you consider studying pathology in Malaysia today? If you are not a Malaysian citizen, then you should. Malaysia is one the best place to learn pathology. we have a very structured program, and we have a lot of cases to study.

If you are a Malaysian on the other hand, you should consider it thoroughly. This is because we have so many pathologist already, perhaps by the time you finish your study, you will have no place to work anymore. Then, you will become like a house officer in Malaysia now, have to wait for months and years for a job. Unemployed pathologist, sound very near in the future.

I think before this I would always tell everyone to take pathology, it was so much interesting field of study. Now, I have to slow down that tone a bit. I afraid that in the end you are became unemployed pathologist and blame me for that.

I do not know, not until the next general election, and years after that before we can see where does Malaysia heading. Are we heading forward, or forward but downward? As for now, it's better to be prepared for the worse to come. Should consider a field where you can sell yourself overseas. Pathology is one if it, but no country would take that much pathologist. We just need a few pathologist to run a lab anyway.

Please consider.


  1. There was no reduction in pathology hlp places offered for this year intake.

    1. Yes, that's what I thought in the beginning. To realize that it maybe not because of HLP. But I still feel it was lesser than the year before.


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