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Part II Medical Microbiology Program

Most people said that Part 1 Master Pathology program is the hardest part. When you enter Part II, it will be more chill and you can catch a breath.  It has been 2 months since I started Part II in Medical microbiology program. Can I catch a breath? I guess just a little bit. The program is more focused now than before. Now I learn what I wanted to learn when I sign up for this program. I want to learn microbiology and everyday now, I am doing microbiology.  In part 1, the stress was about the study part. In part 2, the stress is about work. Work, work work. Basically I am back as a service medical officer in Microbiology. I am trying to orientate myself, since it was only 2 months since I started working, there were a lot of thing that I need to learn.  Plus, I need to start my research. I already had a topic in mind, well, thanks to my supervisor, it was his idea actually. I think it's plausible and I am beginning to start writing up a research proposal for it. But, I