Part II Medical Microbiology Program

Most people said that Part 1 Master Pathology program is the hardest part. When you enter Part II, it will be more chill and you can catch a breath. 

It has been 2 months since I started Part II in Medical microbiology program. Can I catch a breath? I guess just a little bit. The program is more focused now than before. Now I learn what I wanted to learn when I sign up for this program. I want to learn microbiology and everyday now, I am doing microbiology. 

In part 1, the stress was about the study part. In part 2, the stress is about work. Work, work work. Basically I am back as a service medical officer in Microbiology. I am trying to orientate myself, since it was only 2 months since I started working, there were a lot of thing that I need to learn. 

Plus, I need to start my research. I already had a topic in mind, well, thanks to my supervisor, it was his idea actually. I think it's plausible and I am beginning to start writing up a research proposal for it. But, I still don't have the right feeling to do that. 

Basically, the last research I ever done was in Medical School. That research was a group research so everyone were doing their part, divide their work and everything. I remember how I will try to avoid on the statistical and mathematical part of it. Now, I have to handle everything on my own. I am a bit nervous about it, I am stressed, I need to learn quickly. 

Tomorrow will be the research week or workshop. I had to pay Rm450 for that. I have to dug up all my emergency saving just to get a seat in that workshop. Money is going to be very tight when you enter Master program. Not like before where you can claimed your course and conferences from your scholarship. Now, many is always the problem. Have to pay everything ourselves. 

Plus, there were a lot of conferences that I should attend yet I do not have money to pay them all. Most of the conferences nowadays cost minimum 400, and if it was international one, it will shoot up to Rm600-RM800. I don't mind paying for the knowledge but what will I use to pay of I don't have the money to pay it for. 

I wish I have more money to get more knowledge. 

I am so busy working, this is the first entry I guess since I enter part 2 (or is it the second one). 

No time, no money, yet I enjoyed learning what I wanted to learn since Medical school - microbiology. 


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