New Entry Master of Pathology Malaysia

It's been a while since I've updated this blog. Maybe I am having a thought block. Everytime I wanted to write something, I frozed.

I need to do some non medical reading just to step out from this phenomenon. I've bought a book by G25..and I just found out that the book was banned in Malaysia. However, I am still going to finish reading it.

Anyway, this year Master in Pathology is a little off compare to previous year. It has been Mid August and the application for HLP has not been started yet. I do not know why because I am not involve in any of this thing.

Otherwise, for the entry of next year Master of Pathology, the date for Pre entrance course has been set on 13 November 2017 in Hospital Putrajaya.

The entrance exam will be held later on 8-9 January 2018 in HUSM.

So this year ( or technically next year) exam will be held in Kubang Kerian Kelantan. Prepare your holiday and book your ticket to Kelantan. There will be a lot of shopping to be done there....or maybe you should focus on the exam first.

You can a few tips for the exam from my previous post if you want to read it ( read it!).

The weird thing is the online application was not open yet until this date of writing. I believe it will be soon.

Grab yoir books, prepare your mind, let's walk through the journey of becoming a pathologist together. ( Or clinical microbiologist).


  1. Hai dr,just done aplying hlp mpath, cross finger things will go smooth . Guess its time to open my books as well.
    Was wondering if u do have some pass year question jus to get myself rolling..
    Do email me

    1. Well, good luck Karshini. I'm sorry cause I can't gave you the past year question. I lost it. But I also get that queetion from someone else last time. I believe if you keep asking around, there will be people who still have it.

      And to remind you that the question seems to change since last year. They were getting more tricky every year.

    2. Sure no problem.thank you

  2. Hi dr. I'm planning to apply for pathology this year. Do you have any recommended books for reading to prepare for entrance exam? Any website or online courses for self learning? And will it be hard to pass for someone like me who is not serving as pathology mo. Thanks in advance

  3. Hope u will succeed in your entrance exam which I believe to be held by end of this year. I would recommend Robin and contran pathological basis of disease. That book will be enough for entrance and it ia also a part of textbook that you will need to complete for part 1 exam.

  4. Salam and hi Dr..Iam applying for master in pathology for next year course.. preparing myself for entrance exam this year.. how can i know about the pre-entrance course? when and where it will be held for this year?

  5. The entrance exam will be held in UPM this year. When is it will be informed later. If you registered under eHLP KKM, they will inform regarding the entrance exam via email or check at their website. If you want early info, most of pathology HOD will know about the exam. Have to ask them. Easier if you are in pathology department.

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