Be A Good Doctor!

If you read my blog (I am still skeptical that people actually read this blog), you will realise that I am no supporter to a scam doctor, or greedy doctor, who sell products like vitamins, water, air, dirt, any whatsoever and using their title to make that product look...medicinal.

Recently, I found out that many of my friend doctors, start selling herbal product and re-posting testimony of that herbal product in social media like it was nothing. Shameful.

Doctors supposed to be a teacher and educates everyone about real medicine, the science behind it. Not promoting non evidence based product, more over selling them for extra money. If this trend continues, then the same thing will happen again... The same thing that happen before that produce such group like antivaccine group, homebirth group, all the pseudoscience group.

I do not understand why money is so important for medical doctor. You can see that many doctor in Malaysia are complaining about underpayment and I agree that it is true that our doctors were underpaid. However, underpaid in this context does not equals to underpaid until you need to your dignity selling fake product like this. All doctors have enough money for basic necessities, all can afford to buy at least a local car, one or two phones, a gadget, get a loan to buy house.... we are not poor per say. We were just underpaid. But these greedy doctors, selling herbal medicine that was not backed up by evidenced, plus it can do more harm that good, start saying that they do all this because they want to improve their life cause they were underpaid. Stop this nonsense!

Anyway, this product was called Maharani, sold buy a company that sound like Islamic Sahajidah something, which is actually a subsidiary of a chinese traditional medicine company. They sell many other product too. Some funny one like feminine hygiene product or menstrual pad that can heal diseases... I find no scientific evidence on that. I don't bother about it because I believe only non educated person will believe that. If they manage to sell it to those who have not yet been educated enough, that's their business.

I am disturbed when they start selling Maharani. Initially I thought it was just a supplement. Later that I found out that it was a herbal pills. It's a little concerning but as you know in our community, herbal remedies has been around for so many years and nobody seem to bother about it. Even if a lot of cases of renal failure, and liver failure were documented because of such herbal medicine before, people just can't accept it. I am not sure why. Maybe our education system not that good, plus our government have particular interest in this product - Malaysian nowadays seem can only manage to produce such product, can't manage to get a real product such as medicine or whatsoever. Medicine as you all know need an extensive medical trials and lab research before it can be sold to the public. Malaysia want to take shortcut, sell it as an traditional medicine and skip that trials and research. But that's Malaysian product.

This product from China seem a little bit concerning.

Furthermore, doctor, nurses, lab technician, almost all department inside a modern hospital will have one or more of their staff selling this product. I don't care about the other, my concern in only for doctor. I am not saying the other can sell it, but doctor is the absolute person who cannot sell this.

There is a clause in our professional code of conduct regarding affiliation with a product that has no evidence based proof. Yes, that doctor who did that can be sacked of their license and will no longer be able to practice medicine again.

I guess, they should be ripped from their title. I think we should use that clause more often. We should not take this lightly. We were combating with so many chronic illness nowadays, and some parasite doctor start doing this thing that will do more harm, will cause more chronic disease, we should not stop at combating that diseases only, we should combat those parasite doctor altogether.

I know, those doctors will never be the real doctor again. They will not change their mind set no matter how much lecture you give to them. It's a fix belief. We can't help them anymore. We should just get rid of them. So they can focus on their selling more, and we can focus on real medicine.


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