The New Malaysia! : Labuan Now Is the Opposition.

It was finally over. Malaysian has spoken. The choice has been made.

I am so grateful to be one of the people that witness a historical event in Malaysia, the change of government after 61 years. Hopefully Malaysia will head to a new and better direction after this.

It was very difficult to talk about politics in recent years and months before the election. As a government servant, eventhough as a citizen, we are entitled for our own opinion but everytime we spoke, there will be fear that our position will be jeopardized based on our political preferences.

I can say that most of the government servant are not supporting the previous BN government because we as government servant are the one who can see how our government works in the first place. When the previous government said that our economy is good, we in the governent saw different thing. We saw how much budget was cut and how difficult it is to provide a high quality services without proper funding. When goverrnent issues that there were no problem, we can see the problem is still there.

Most of us cannot voice out our opinion because the fear of losing our job. I myself would not write something like this if the opposition did not win the election on 9th May 2018.

I would not dare to say that I am in favour of opposition even though people can see in my social media post that I am actually pro opposition but to say it loudly I will not.

But it was over. I voted for Parti Warisan Sabah and even though they did not win in my area, I still feel that my vote was counted as a whole. My vote still matters. Popular vote in my area which is Labuan also in favour of opposition and not the previous BN. BN win though.

I will not be mad to those who voted BN in Labuan. As I said in my social media platform, Labuan is unique as all the candidates are good person. None of them has record in corruption. It was a fair fight.

What’s not fair is when the vote was divided among 3 parties in opposition. That was unfortunate.

Anyway, before I went back to Labuan to vote, I was so confident that the opposition will win this election. But when I arrived in Labuan, everything look so different. People still considering to vote BN. It was weird for me because there were no aura of changes in Labuan. I understand later that people still think that BN government were impossible to be defeated. Plus many still think that Labuan has gained so much and were headed in the right direction.

It was a bit shocking that people there seems unaware of how other part of Federal territory were headed. Labuan is a federal territory for God sake!...and should be equals to Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur. Once Labuan appear to be heading to that direction but it stopped. Labuan once going to become a Pearl of South China Sea but now, nobody knows where labuan is.

But nobody should be blamed. Labuan still a peaceful island. People enjoy that. I do too.

Now, I was a bit skeptic that this island will flourish more as an opposition. But I do hope that federal government will not neglect this island again ( I was skeptical of this hope too). But everything can happen now. We have already change the government. Maybe this one will not be the same as before.

Nevertheless, it will be a hard 5 years for Labuan MP. He must work extra hard to fight for the right of Labuan. He must not rest no matter what. This election shows that our choice will really determined the direction of our land. Choice must be made correctly. Rest asssure, there will be another election in 5 years time. People of labuan will be make their choice again.


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