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Proton Ertiga Xtra: What so Xtra about it?

This post is a bit side tracked. My intention to write only Microbiology related post right now but everyday is microbiology for me, so I get a bit boring. Thus, I am trying to write about something else. As usual, after a cup of coffee, my mind will have this flight of ideas until I can’t function anymore. Can’t even write anything. Then, I think about something that happen recently. My wife bought a car which is Proton Ertiga. I am not a fan. But she loved it due to its spacious interior design. I am no car reviewer but I am so frustrated to surf over the internet and no one actually really reviewing this car properly. Most of the review was on the previous edition of Proton Ertiga and not the Xtra version. Maybe because it was new. Those big blog did wrote something about it but most of it just touch the superficial company guided information which does not reflect on the real perspective of the owner of the car. Again, I am not a car reviewer and I am not going to review this