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The Same Malaysia: Labuan Still Not Opposition

Referring to my previous post: The New Malaysia - Labuan Now the Opposition  I was surpirsed when Labuan was the only remaining federal territory that became opposition during last election.  However, as expected, by many Labuanese / Labuanite  (Labuan people whatever your called them), BN will not be relevant anymore in that island. This is due to the most reason of people voting for BN  because they were afraid of Labuan becoming an opposition state. Labuan was pretty comfortable under BN leadership. Not many, however, realized that government can be changed. As a Labuanite myself working outside this lovely island, I can see how big changes were approaching before the election. I have told my family that changes going to happen this year and Labuan might end up being in the opposition after all by supporting the government.  But, Labuan people were very contained. They made their choice. And it happen.  The weird part is, Sabah has fallen to the opposition formin

Another New Intake for Pathology Master: Lab Based instead of Clinical.

The season has just begun. Master of Pathology intake in Malaysia will be held soon, this can be seen evidently when there are more people picking up their dusty old Robin's Pathology book out from the bookshelf. I can see Pathology MO has started reading in preparation for the entrance exam. The exam will be held next January on 17th and 18th, 2019 at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). It follows the trend, the last location for final exam will be the location for the next entrance exam. Next Part 1 pathology exam will be held in UITM though, for the first time in history. Rest assure, there will be a preparation course and mock Exam this November 12th. This is a must go course for all candidates trying to pass the entrance exam. This course will be held in Institut Kanser Negara (IKN). Date and venue are subject to change depending on their meeting decision in KKM and among other universities, but I am pretty sure this information is close enough to the real one. There could

HIV Stigma: Do you really understand about it?

Recently, there has been a great length of debate regarding increasing HIV cases in Malaysia. Statistic has proven that the number of new HIV cases are highest among male group who had sex with male @ homosexual male. All this number is important and need to be crunched and analysed properly to make sure our HIV prevention program can be implemented properly. A few question arise in term of HIV control - How do we control the spread of HIV among this high risk group. Before anyone can came up with an ultimate solution, a few Malaysian jumped into that band wagon with religious flag and start campaigning against homosexual group including transgender. This issue has been politicised, religion were use as a fuel to increase the heat, and this is exactly how HIV was spread in the 80s until it became a pandemic. Stigma. Stigma. Stigma. People do not understand about Stigma. Source from CDC When someone enter medical school, HIV is a must know virus among all virus. We have stud