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Who is overusing antibiotics?

The question remains.. if antibiotics overused is a big cause for antimicrobial emerging resistant, then who is overusing antibiotics in the first place? Many debated this and try to point a finger to each other. Doctors try to blame pharmacist, pharmacist tries to blame doctors, both blame veterinary in the end. Veterinary point finger back to doctors. Its crazy, imagine a meeting with three people in the same room. Nevertheless, science is based on evidence. We have to prove our blame. I would also at some point in time used to blame pharmacist on this. When I started working as a medical doctor, I once visited a pharmacy to treat myself. Without revealing myself as a medical doctor, I would ask for a course of antibiotics and it was so easy to get one. More frequently I visited a pharmacy to buy something, they would be a customer who would ask for antibiotic for their fever and running nose, and to my surprise, they would get what they want without much hassle. The only