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Congratulation to those who pass the entrance exam! : Master Of Pathology.

Congratulations to those who pass the exam today. And those who did not, there will always be next year. And for those who did pass the exam.. I know you can't sleep tonight awaiting the interview. Don't overthink. Just answer honestly. This is not a medical school interview or exam. I believe those who came this far, are not a mere house officers who just finish the last posting few weeks ago. Everyone are experienced medical officer who has a story to tell. Enough experiences to answer what the interviewer will ask. 1. Be honest. Don't be a liar during interview, unless you are Frank Abagnale Jr. 2. Don't be a yes man. Even if they ask you to jump into the ocean you will say yes. Bad idea. This is about your future. Not to get score in exam. You already pass the exam. 3. Tell your future plan realistically. Don't make up story, for example, you plan you will not get married or pregnant, not until you became specialist or you said you will go to a remote

It's getting busier

First year pathology : No life, read book until vomit. Second year Microbiology: Honeymoon... I will read book when I feel like I want to read. Third year Microbiology: Damn busy with presentation, research sample collection and writing, case report writing, and 2-3 text book to finish reading before entering final year, oncall, elective attachement. ...