Congratulation to those who pass the entrance exam! : Master Of Pathology.

Congratulations to those who pass the exam today. And those who did not, there will always be next year.

And for those who did pass the exam.. I know you can't sleep tonight awaiting the interview.

Don't overthink. Just answer honestly. This is not a medical school interview or exam. I believe those who came this far, are not a mere house officers who just finish the last posting few weeks ago. Everyone are experienced medical officer who has a story to tell. Enough experiences to answer what the interviewer will ask.

1. Be honest. Don't be a liar during interview, unless you are Frank Abagnale Jr.

2. Don't be a yes man. Even if they ask you to jump into the ocean you will say yes. Bad idea. This is about your future. Not to get score in exam. You already pass the exam.

3. Tell your future plan realistically. Don't make up story, for example, you plan you will not get married or pregnant, not until you became specialist or you said you will go to a remote area in rural Sabah and Sarawak forever when you become a specialist ( while in your mind you are planning to spend more time with your family in peninsular, you all have mother and father that need to be taken care of. Willingness to work in a place you don't want to be is pointless). Maybe you can say you can serve in a remote rural area but not forever. Maybe 2-3 years, then you want to be with your family. Back to no 1. Be honest.

4. Don't tell your future plan too much. Just tell the relevant one. . Contradict to no 3, do not-ever- tell that you are planning to work oversea perhaps after 5-7 years after becoming a specialist. Never said you want to join University as a lecturer after you become a specialist. Bad bad idea. Trainee lecturers already have their own quota in Master of Pathology program. If you are sitting for an interview, that is 100% for MOH. So, don't tell that. No one can control your future, but it's better to keep it to yourselves.

5. Don't forget to greet and say thank you.

6. Don't create a drama. Forget all the tv show you watch. This is the most realistic interview you will ever had. At least for the nest 4 years.

7. Show your passion in the field you had chosen. Don't say you choose the field because you can do locum in private later in the future (histopathology).

The rest, you will have to improvise during the interview. Sometimes they will ask unexpected thing, such as how many children you want to have, when you are planning to get pregnant, how many wife do you plan to get within the next 2 years. Are you planning to get married? Do you have sick mother and father at home? Just answer them honestly. Don't lie saying your mother is in good condition while in reality she was not very well and very old.

Have fun and enjoy!

*After the interview, go eat something nice... I recommend Chili's. ......


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