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Shouldn't treat catheter colonizer

Every day we encounter cases of catheter-related bloodstream infection. With the increasing incidence of Diabetes leading to renal failure, more and more people are going for dialysis. More people in dialysis, more catheter was inserted for the purpose of that.  Using venous catheter for dialysis came with a risk which is - infection. The catheter is one the favorite place for bacteria to hang out. Produce their biofilm and just stay there forever. You flush it, you wipe it with alcohol, whatever you do, it will not move away easily.  Then came the decision of attacking them with antibiotics and this is where everything goes wrong.  To diagnose catheter-related infection, the best method is to quantify the growth from the catheter. Catheter tip culture usually will tell us whether a patient has a catheter-related infection or not. It's difficult to do and labor intensive. Thus, a semiquantitative approach was developed. This method was much easier to do. Just culture the