I need to post something to get away from my thought block. It has been like 2 months which I did not have any idea on what to write. This apply to all my blogs and also my work. I have a manuscript to finish and another 2 case reports to complete. Yet, every time I grab my keyboard....nothing.

I guess my post here is will help my writer's brain kick start again.

Perhaps because of my new baby girl , born 26 June 2019. After the new addition in our family, I stopped writing. Always busy trying to do something else. To my surprise, I did pick up my guitar back and start learning new song in that time period. Thus, my brain see more abstract thing, the music, the art, not the numbers or fact.

Other than that, nothing much happen.

I have to set a dateline of task that I need to do. The first one is to write a post on Syndromic approach which now have replace most of the traditional microbiology method. At one point of time, my friends and I start addressing ourselves as a traditional medicine practitioner due to the speed of technology in microbiology now. It was inevitable. If we did not catch up, perhaps we will soon be called a bomoh rather than a doctor.

I would try to write my opinion on that next.

Then the case reports.

Then the manuscript.

Then start studying for my final exam.

Tasking is so easy but life is hard.

Yes,Ron! I get it. 


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