So much that we did not know on COVID-19.

I just finished attending a webinar about COVID-19. Webinar involved two prominent figures in fighting COVID-19. A top virologist and a top infectious disease in Malaysia.

It was an amazing webinar. However, I can conclude that there were a lot of things that we did not understand concerning this new pandemic. A lot of things that did not go as we predicted. With our common knowledge on SARS and MERS-CoV, we thought that we have enough to prepare, to found out that the virus did not behave as it should.

We can't control nature. We can't control how the virus wants to act. What we can do is just damage control. To limit the infection, and to reduce the mortality.

However, knowing that there were teams of a distinguished person investigating this virus, give us a bit of reassurance. There is so much that we understand within a short period of time since December. Thanks to those amazing scientists, and also the technology that happens to be evolved enough for us to use.

The future is a piece of white paper now. There is so much space for us to draw, to scribble and to write about this virus. This is an opportunity for every people of science in the whole world. From now on, we should not be limited by any boundaries. We can just keep going and understand more about the virus, to find more clues, to pick up whatever we have overlooked and left behind.

Keep moving forward but stay at home, for now.


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