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The new norm or back to the old norm?

1. I have been busy for the past few months during the peak COVID-19 pandemic. We were involved in processing the sample, and we have to get the sample by ourselves since all other department closed their services and most of their manpower were transferred to the front line. We could not wait for them to come back,thus we in the back line have to step into the game and become the front liner ourselves. 2. The number of cases is significantly reduce nowadays. We were more relaxed in the beginning but when all the hospital started back their services, then the workload increase again. Even though people already thanked the front liner and all the front liner were sent back to their respective station, it was no end game. Everyone have to buckle up and start servicing more sick people after the movement control order. I believed there are more sick people now perhaps because all of them were keeping their illness at home during the MCO. 3. 31st May 2020 supposed to be my last day in