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Election and COVID-19

As you all know, there was a little bit of political instability happening in Sabah leading to a snap election. I don’t want to talk much about politics, let them settle their stuff.   As a person working in the field of microbiology, people would expect my views on the election will be a total “No”.  “The pandemic is still going on”  “It is not wise to hold a snap election in this pandemic era”  “Think about the people. Dont risk people live for the election”.  These are some of the comments I have been reading in social media.  My views is actually on the opposite of these. It was shockingly not as everyone else expect.  In my opinion, if the election is required, do not stop it because of COVID-19. Fighting for democracy will be harder than fighting the virus. People should not be stopped to vote. It is the only thing that keeps us civilised. We could go back to the stone age with this pandemic. Even though we are living in a cave with no electricity, but if we still hav