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Passing The Final DrPath Medical Microbiology Exam.

It has been a very long time since I post anything in this blog. The main reason for that was because of my final exam for DrPath in Medical Microbiology. I couldn't even think about anything else for the past few months. The adrenaline rush was beyond recommended level. That was an exaggeration but I do feel it that way.  The good news is, I passed the exam. I had this plan/draft on what to post here if I didn't make it but since I passed, now I have to think about something else to write here.  Now, every time people met me, especially those who are going to take the exam next year, will asked me on how I made it through. Everyone asking for the tips, which book to read, any notes to pass to them. To be honest, I also did not know how I did it. I just feel lucky. Maybe I am just lucky.  The only thing that I can share was how the exam was conducted. I feel that it is very important for any candidates to be familiar with the structure of the exam.  In UKM, our degree are calle