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What Went Wrong With Malaysia Vaccination Program?

Even though it was obvious but no one dare to admit that Malaysia's vaccination program has so many flaws that make it look like a joke. Every where in the world, COVID-19 was still causing outbreak from time to time but they were already planning an exit strategy. Here in Malaysia, we are still in 2020 phase. We are still in the middle of the pandemic, and not the end of it. Not only Malaysia, but almost all South East Asian country excluding Singapore were doing work at a speed of snail. Slow, unsteady and full of bureaucracy.  The talk of vaccinating the whole world started since last year. Some countries started to vaccinate their citizen as early as October 2020. By the end of 2020, vaccine is the only way out of the pandemic.  In Malaysia, the talk of bringing in the vaccine into this county, sound like a mega plan bigger than sending our citizen to Mars. It was hype! We were so hopeful. For the first time, we praised our politician who act like they were in charge and they w